• Dr. Mark Rollo's Podcast/Radio Show

    MCFL's Board Member, Dr. Mark Rollo, has a weekly show airing on Sunday at 11am and 11pm on WQPH 89.3 FM called "First, Do No Harm". The show covers pro-life topics such as the Covid 19 vaccine, natural family planning (NFP), chemical abortions, and there is even an episode with our President, Myrna Maloney Flynn. Learn more about Dr. Rollo by reading his biography and WQPH's interview.    

    You can listen to a couple of shows below or listen to all the previous episodes here.  


  • Dr. Mark Rollo's Presentation on Doctor Assisted Suicide

    Dr. Mark Rollo gave a compelling presentation on April 19, 2021, about Doctor-Assisted Suicide. You can watch the full presentation by playing the YouTube video below. 

    To learn more about Dr. Mark Rollo, read his interview with WQPH Radio. And check out his weekly radio show/podcast, First, Do No Harm


  • Dr. Kerry Pound's Talk at Holy Hour for Life Vigil

    Here is a moving presentation by MCFL’s Vice President, Dr. Kerry Pound, at the Holy Hour for Life Vigil of the Boston Archdiocese. In her talk, Dr. Pound laments feeling like a “stranger in a strange land” because, although she took an oath to “do no harm” as a practicing doctor, she is continually challenged by today’s anti-life culture. In this Holy Week, you will find her words inspiring and uplifting, as she draws on familiar scriptural references to remind and encourage us to stand up for life. 

  • EWTN Interview About the Roe Act

    With The Roe Act now law in Massachusetts, Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL president,  reflects on pro-life wins along the way, but also says there is a lot of work ahead.

    EWTN's Catherine Haddro delves into why the ROE Act has been called the "infanticide act;" and looks ahead to plans by citizens to repeal an elitist legislature's override of Governor Baker's ROE veto.


  • UPDATE: "ROE" Act VETOED by Baker; Senate Votes This Morning

    ACTION ALERT: Call Your State SENATOR!


    Look up your senator at this link:


    Governor Charlie Baker vetoed H.5179 on Christmas Eve

    This week, it returned to the House of Representatives, where it originated. The House overrode the governor's veto. What we need you to do is email, call, and send social media messages to your state senator, and to at least two others on the list here  asking them to sustain the veto. While messages from constituents will make the largest impact, we need ALL Massachusetts citizens to continue to email and call their senators.


     --Thank you all who called the below representatives tirelessly this last week urging them to stand with courage for the lives our little ones and women.

    We we will be providing a roll-call vote record when we have it, showing how your representatives voted on the veto. You can then choose to vote these men or women out of office. This is the original list, linked here. 

    These men and women have committed to upholding the rights of our fellow citizens, and creating just and life-affirming laws. An elitist, out-of-touch legislature is not a just governing body; we look forward to removing the men and women from office who have not voted to protect life in our state.



  • Announcing our annual banquet speaker, 2020: Melissa Ohden

    President's Column

    By Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL President


    As far as this business of solitary confinement goes, the most important thing for survival is communication with someone . . . It makes all the difference. -John McCain

    Joy’s text said the package arrived just in time. I'd sent her several issues of MCFL’s member magazine featuring her daughter, Hope, who was diagnosed at 12 weeks gestation with an occipital encephalocele, meaning her brain developed outside of her skull. Joy and her husband were told their child was “not compatible with life” and were advised to abort. Now five months old, Hope defied the odds. As I write this, the family is on their way to Boston for Hope’s first surgery this week. They wanted to make sure our magazine got to family and friends before they left. 

    Please keep Hope, her doctors, and the Dupells in your thoughts and prayers. 


    About an hour after I sent my April 11 email, in which I shared the compelling story of a Springfield teen who’d recently chosen life for her son, I received a response from a new MCFL member and volunteer named Faith Delaney, who wrote, “MCFL helped me when I was pregnant at age 23, unwed, and my boyfriend wanted me to get an abortion. I was pro-life and followed my beliefs. . . My son is now 32, I went to law school, and have a successful practice in Merrimack Valley. I will donate again but would like to speak to teens when we are allowed to gather.”

    Our summer magazine issue will include Faith’s story, along with several other timely, informative, and inspiring pieces. We have chosen to highlight the women of Massachusetts’ pro-life movement, past and present. I got a sneak peek at the contents last week; the issue's going to be one of our best.   

    The magazine is just one MCFL membership benefit. Members receive voting privileges, ultimately electing the organization’s Board members at our Annual Meeting (due to the pandemic, this will likely be held in the second half of 2020). And when MCFL heads to Beacon Hill, we go on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, but we also represent our members at the State House and fight on their behalf. In fact, despite the shutdown, my team and I continue our first-of-its-kind strategic lobbying effort with partner organizations and will soon deliver this united message to state representatives on behalf of our thousands of supporters: “Say No to ROE!”

    Perhaps the benefit most coveted by our members, though, are the advance event invitations they receive to our well-known and much-anticipated gatherings. 

    • Members in 2020 will have first dibs on a seat at a November 10th Harvard debate between international pro-life activist Stephanie Gray and campus abortion rights supporters; 
    • Our members are already looking forward to one of MCFL’s most influential traditions, the Massachusetts March for Life, to be held November 7; 
    • Members out west will welcome Alveda King on October 15 to celebrate our postponed Mother’s Day Dinner;
    • And, of course, MCFL members receive advance invitations to our premier event: the annual fundraising banquet, to be held on Thursday, September 17 at the Four Points Sheraton. It is my honor to announce Melissa Ohden as our keynote speaker.  

    Melissa is the survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion in 1977. Despite the initial concerns regarding her future after surviving the attempt to end her life at approximately seven months gestation, Melissa has not only survived but thrived. She is a Master’s-level prepared social worker, the author of You Carried Me: A Daughter's Memoir, and the founder and director of The Abortion Survivors Network. Melissa is a frequent contributor to pro-life news outlets and a regular guest on radio and television programs around the world. Fulfilling the purpose that she believes God set out for her when He saved her from the certain death of the abortion attempt, Melissa is truly a voice for the voiceless.

    If you’re an MCFL member, then you can relate to the value membership brings. If you’re not, I hope you will join today—to experience our events in a new way, to expand your knowledge though our magazine, to influence MCFL’s leadership and, with your powerful vote, propel this phenomenal organization toward a forward-thinking, vibrant, lifegiving new decade.  

    I wish you a wonderful week! As we each continue our confinement, I hope you receive all varieties of communication from friends and family, as I have, that make you laugh, prompt a good deed, elicit a prayer, and ensure our common survival.


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  • Suicide Grows in a Culture of Despair

    By Don Feder - Two celebrity suicides just days apart – a celebrated chef and a fashion icon. Both were said to be depressed. Big news -- like happy people kill themselves.

  • Revealing the New Paradigm of Abortion at the 2018 Convention

    2018 Oratory Contest participants: Liam Siegler, Gabrielle Landry, and Zoe Henderson. (The fourth contestant, Timothy O'Brien, submitted his speech by video.)
    Three youth contestants for Oratory Contest

    Massachusetts Citizens for Life held its 2018 annual convention on Saturday, March 24, 2018, gathering dozens of pro-lifers from around the state to learn more about what is really happening in abortions today. While fewer and fewer abortions are being performed every year in the Commonwealth, there are new ways in which the lives of the unborn are threatened, new attitudes among people about life and abortion, and a new need to approach both mother and child as being under threat and in need of our love and care.

    The event was graciously hosted by Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton, and everyone there were so very helpful and made the day go so smoothly in their accommodating facilities. We are very grateful to them for welcoming us.