Some of Massachusetts Citizens for Life’s most successful activism has been in the area of passing pro-life legislation. Since 1973, MCFL has pushed laws that attempt to discourage, restrict, and eventually outlaw abortion and all assaults on human life. MCFL promotes laws that save lives and teach society a full-spectrum respect for human life.

Studies now show that these laws save lives.

MCFL has been bringing a vigorous lobbying effort to the State House since its foundation in 1972. We play a key role in crafting pro-life legislation and each legislative session we present a complete legislative agenda designed to advance the cause.

Passing legislation is only half the work we do at the Statehouse, unfortunately. The other half is stopping the passage of anti-life measures. Education about the dangerous bills and measures proposed by the death lobby is key to defeating them. MCFL is committed to providing the necessary education to ensure that everyone, pro-life and otherwise, understands the pernicious nature of pro-death laws.

Take Action on Legislation

Are Your Elected Officials Pro-Life?

Photo: Domenico Bettinelli/Flickr. CC-BY-SA-2.0.

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