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We are dedicated to educating the public on pro-life truths, principles, and current laws, no matter where they are in their pro-life journey. Throughout the year we offer classes, lectures, information sessions, literature, and educational resources to promote powerful pro-life messages and broadcast the true harm that is a consequence of the current anti-abortion and end-of-life laws in Massachusetts.  

Abortion Pill Reversal

Please visit our comprehensive abortion pill reversal webpage with information and life-saving resources.  

Crisis Support

We offer a comprehensive list of confidential pregnant help centers, sheltering homes and post-abortion counseling services in Massachusetts. It is our greatest wish that all women may receive the best medical and mental care during times of crisis.  

Educational Initiatives

Our vision is to provide more educational programs to educate Massachusetts citizens on the dangers of how the new end-of-life legislation will result in harming all individuals facing difficult end-of-life decisions. 

Here are some recent educational discussions about end-of-life issues:


Life-Affirming Library

We have created a curated collection of the best resources for pro-life research, enrichment, and learning. Our library offers links to books, educational videos, informative presentations, and engaging podcasts. We invite you to spend time visiting our Life-Affirming Library and let us know if we can add your favorite resource(s) to the collection.