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Please consider becoming a member of MCFL to make a difference in protecting life at all stages. Members receive exclusive emails, a copy of our quarterly print newsletter, and the ability to network within the organization.



Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We have numerous opportunities to make a difference in our organization. Please fill out the volunteer form, so our staff can reach out to you to match you with a job that is specifically tailored to your talents and skills.


Lobby Effectively

MCFL has been bringing a vigorous lobbying effort to the State House since its foundation in 1972. We play a key role in crafting pro-life legislation and each legislative session we present a legislative agenda designed to advance the cause.

Passing legislation, however, is only half the work we do at the Statehouse. The other half is halting the passage of pro-abortion and anti-life measures. Education about these unjust bills and measures is key to defeating them. MCFL is committed to providing the necessary education to ensure that everyone, pro-life and otherwise, understands the pernicious nature of pro-death laws.

How to take action on legislation:


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