The next Convention will be on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Cardinal Spellman High School, 738 Court Street, Brockton. We will have more details soon.
  The Dr. Mildred Jefferson Oratory Contest for high school juniors and seniors will be held at the Convention this year. CLICK HERE for details.

IMG_1779.jpgEvery Spring, MCFL holds the most anticipated pro-life educational event in New England. For years, people have anticipated the Massachusetts Citizens for Life Conventions to learn about the latest developments in Life Issues and refresh our knowledge of the old problems and causes. It’s also a great chance to mentor and develop the next wave of pro-life activists who will finally push the fight to victory.

The Convention features both nationally known keynote speakers and our own local experts and friends. Massachusetts really has a wealth of people who can educate us on a variety of pro-life topics. Every other year, we also welcome the young winner of the Mildred Jefferson Oratory Contest, before we send him or her off to Washington, DC, for the national pro-life youth oratory contest.

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