Planned Parenthood Ditches Title X Funds in Favor of Abortion

According to their own estimates, Planned Parenthood performs over 330,000 abortion procedures per year. Apparently, that act of violence is their non-negotiable, because they've just voluntarily withdrawn from the program granting them funds through Title X. The organization receives approximately $60 million a year through Title X (which is less than 15% of the overall public funds given to the abortion giant); but in refusing Title X, Planned Parenthood is brazenly stating that abortion matters more than women's healthcare.

Most of other government funding comes through Medicaid, which does cover human abortions. 

Despite what leadership in Planned Parenthood has stated, no part of the current federal administration is forcing PP to forgo Title X funds. The rule does not target any particular organization; the rule is a blanket policy that guarantees Title X monies (federal funds) follow rules instated already by the HHS which bar abortion funding. The recent decision follows the ruling that now separates abortion from actual healthcare, and prohibits any organization providing healthcare from receiving federal funding if they also provide abortion. As of the writing of this article, courts support the decision, despite lawsuits from PP.

Unbiased observers have made a good point quietly between the shouts on both sides of this news story: Does PP have a deeper commitment to making a profit off killing the preborn, or to women's health? Is it "Care. No Matter What." or "Abort. No Matter What."?


Pro-choice and pro-life people alike are asking that question

Planned Parenthood often remarks that abortions account for only 3% of its services. Alexandra de Sanctis writes, "But if abortion were indeed such a small and insignificant part of Planned Parenthood’s grand mission, as we are assured, would it be such a sacrifice to financially separate it from the rest of the business? If women’s health-care needs were so dire, and the Title X program were so essential to the group’s success, surely it would be a price worth paying."

We just want to know: If you've voluntarily withdrawn from Title X in favor of abortion, Planned Parenthood, why the ruckus as if you've been booted?