MCFL 2015 Convention–Pictures!


Those who attended the Convention were delighted with what they learned and with the chance to exchange ideas.

Prof. Michael New proved beyond a statistical doubt that state laws and other efforts by state organizations have dramatically cut the number of abortions, thus saving many babies. Two-parent parental consent laws (not just notification or one parent) cut the number of abortions by 31%! His talk was full of gems like that.


Click the image below to see more photographs of the convention.

2015 Annual Convention


Nancy Valko, RN shared many of her personal and professional experiences. One thing that stood out was that, when Nancy operated on principle for a family member or patient, the result was that many of her colleagues changed their minds and started advocating properly.

Dr Mark Rollo shared the facts which show that NaproTechnology, besides being moral, natural, and safe for baby and mother is also as successful or more successful than in vitro fertilization. We must work to get the word out about this “miracle”

Linda Thayer, as usual, is a huge draw. She talked about Frameworks legislation and presented her newest program. People were coming up to tell me they want to have her come to their towns.

Topping off the wonderful speakers was Colleen Janz, Executive Director of the Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum, who came with her traveling wall. Colleen didn’t give a presentation, she gave a performance. She made the life and times of Anthony and her fellow “suffragists”, particularly their pro-life position on abortion, come alive.