President's letters

Myrna Maloney Flynn

Before he passed away in 2017, I asked my father to share some of what he'd learned throughout his 86 years, words I could remember him by and which would keep me focused after he was gone. He offered one simple yet, in our culture, particularly challenging directive: "Be who you are."

At that time, I was a relatively scared, closeted pro-lifer, fearful of admitting my belief, let alone sharing it publicly. When he took his last breath, and I witnessed a human life ending, the fear in my heart died along with him and was replaced by a fiery will to not only speak out but to compassionately persuade. My letters over the years to MCFL's supporters, and to those on our email list who may be opposed to me, fulfill Dad's life-changing advice. They are each dedicated to him and my mother, who gave me life against what society deemed reasonable, bucking popular opinion.

Thank you for reading. I invite you to share this page -- and be who you are. Myrna Maloney Flynn.

  • Roe 50th anniversary

    How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. - Anne Frank

    Cleaned out my closet a couple weeks ago and saw a cardboard box shoved into the back. Inside, I found small glories of the ‘80s and among them, a 35mm with a roll of Fuji film still inside. I posted the find on Facebook, figuring I might as well share it with friends who’d relate to the oddity of discovering not only a long-forgotten point-and-shoot camera but a Sony Walkman and mix tape as well. 

  • FDA brings abortion pills to your pharmacy

    Truth supports, advances and accomplishes our mission. I write today to share new truths we’ve learned, so you can, in turn, share them with others.

    I am disheartened to let you know that retail pharmacies will soon be allowed to sell the abortion pill, because of an approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • Assisted Suicide Ban Upheld in Massachusetts

    Thanks to you and your consistent stance against physician-assisted suicide, we celebrate today after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that our state's Constitution does not include a right to the procedure.

  • Simple Gifts

    Perhaps the best thing about a Thanksgiving feast is how surprisingly easy it is to prepare the main course: put turkey into oven, achieve safe temperature for human consumption, take turkey out of oven. Voila! It's the culinary equivalent of “just the facts, ma’am.” 


  • Governor Baker VETOES $1 Million PRC Smear Campaign!

    We just received confirmation that Governor Baker has VETOED $1 million of taxpayer money, which our legislators voted to use to disparage the pregnancy resource centers of our state. The governor simply writes, "I am striking language that earmarks funding for a program not recommended."

  • Our way forward, brought to you by Jenga

    Last night, while traveling home from California, which had just passed one of the country’s most radical abortion measures, I spent a layover in Texas. As I rushed from one airport gate to the next, my phone pinged with election results, and not the results I had hoped for. In a moment of frustration, it cynically dawned on me that the entirety of my day was spent jumping through hoops to get from one abortion sanctuary to another; I would return to Logan hauling both luggage and the expectation of trudging along once again, in the uphill fight for life, with which we in Massachusetts are more than a little familiar — a familiar that sometimes feels like the impossible.

  • FDA staffer concerned about abortion pill prescription

    The pro-life movement has recognized the danger of medication abortions that take place at home. Now, a top government spokesperson admits concern over the safety of chemical abortion prescriptions.

  • Channeling the Wizard of Oz

    Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote. -George Jean Nathan

    “Mom, I want to be president someday,” my 7-year-old announced from the back of the minivan. “How do I get people to vote for me?” So began a lengthy Q&A with my son about politics. Before our conversation, he understood that a winning platform involves a suit and being on TV a lot. Afterwards, he sat quietly before sharing his pitch. “Well,” he began. “I definitely think everyone should get a turn to be principal. And bad guys can’t be allowed to hurt people.”

  • The Curious Case of the Cambridge PRC

    If you’ve lived in Massachusetts for a while, you’re familiar with the often-wobbly reasoning that supports local ordinances. I’ve lived here for 21 years, until recently in ultra-progressive Hampshire County. I thought I’d seen it all. And yet I’m still shaking my head after what I experienced during a hearing in Cambridge yesterday.

  • In Memoriam: Dr. Mark J. Rollo

    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. - J.R.R. Tolkien

    It is with sorrow that I send this message today, yet it is an honor to reflect on the good man about whom I write. As you might have learned, Dr. Mark Rollo, longtime MCFL Board member and lifelong Massachusetts pro-life warrior, passed away suddenly on August 19. His death shocked all who knew him and prompted many to comment on the unjust loss of a man who spent years ensuring just treatment of others.