Vote pro-life, Massachusetts!

With Roe v. Wade in the history books, it's up to residents of each state to defend and protect our most vulnerable, starting with the unborn.
Learn biological facts of prenatal development in this one-minute video. Then share it with family, friends and, especially, your legislator. 


How to email this video
1. Copy this link into a new email message. 
2. Click here to find an email address for your state senator or state rep. 
3. Not sure what to write to them? Let the video speak for itself. Then all you need to do is tell them to please respect the right to life!
4. Sign your name and address, so they know you are one of their constituents.
4. Send!
Midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8. When you cast your ballot, make sure you vote pro-life!