The Dr. Mark Rollo Award for Life

By his unwavering commitment to defending human life at all stages, whether in his profession, his avocation, within his family or in his community, Dr. Mark Rollo represented the very best of Massachusetts' pro-life movement as it entered the 21st century. A physician, he dutifully exemplified the oath he took to "do no harm." An activist, he led others with courageous and truthful words, unphased by popular opinion or rising cultural tides. Though measured and grace-filled during testimonies, on the air or before those whose hearts he worked to change, he held nothing back about grim realities of what human dignity looks like under assault. Mark exposed the inherent beauty of life with a light so bright and compelling, so genuine and concerned. Massachusetts Citizens for Life is more firmly rooted for its future and better nourished because of Mark's light. Indeed, our potential is boundless in the shadow of his legacy. May the recipients of this honor always feel sustained by the warmth of Mark's smile and hear his words of encouragement as they fight for life in his memory.

Annette Rollo is the first recipient of the The Dr. Mark Rollo Award for Life