“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”  -Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

My youngest, consistently faithful to his multi-step bedtime ritual, despite my attempts to trim the routine and get to sleep, concludes each day by sharing a “rose” and “thorn” he experienced. A recent rose: “cuddling with you right now, Mom.” (Aww! Thank you, favorite child. You may have anything you wish!) And a thorn: “The rain.”  

Though I’m usually struggling to keep my eyes open, the practice helps me consider my own roses and thorns as I drift off, prompting gratitude for the direction each brings. Last night we wrapped up, and I relished the silence. Peace. Darkened stillness. A long day is done, I thought in relief. I started to leave. 

“So! What are we doing tomorrow, Mom? Let’s make plans!” His 8-year-old tank was clearly not as empty as mine.

Reflecting on the source of my son’s eagerness to “do,” I realize that such a desire is really the basic human need to contribute, not for the sake of mere productivity but for good. Despite the certainty of thorns among roses, we’re still happier if we willingly accept discomfort because of the rose’s allure. 

This juxtaposition lies at the heart of our pro-life movement, perhaps the most alluring of roses. As of this writing, the future of medical abortion drug mifepristone, used to end more than half of all Massachusetts pregnancies, is questionable (more below). Yet what we can anticipate as life advocates: strong opposition from abortion rights supporters. We may have received a rose from a Texas judge. But we need to prepare ourselves to experience thorns because of it in the days ahead.

Besides keeping you informed of national news, I’m pleased to provide the following updates on (some of) what MCFL is doing across the state, plans we’ve made. It’s a bouquet of roses that exists only because of what you’re doing to support our work.


Thanks to a bipartisan group of state representatives, MCFL has filed four life-affirming bills this session. We are grateful to Jeffrey Rosario Turco (D-19th Suffolk), Joseph D. McKenna (R-18th Worcester) and Kelly W. Pease (R-4th Hampden), who co-sponsored our bills. Additionally, David F. DeCoste (R-5th Plymouth) and Colleen M. Garry (D-36th Middlesex) have also supported our pro-life efforts on Beacon Hill once again. 

Read texts of each bill along with fact sheets that provide talking points for each piece of legislation that you can use to inform others. Watch your email for hearing dates and to learn how you can provide testimony.

Pharmacies and Medical Abortion Drugs

I'm sorry to share the following two thorns, but I am confident that we will work through them together!

First, in early January 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the sale of the abortion pill at retail pharmacies. In March, Governor Healey said she expects every pharmacy in the state to dispense the drugs, even independent providers. MCFL is actively researching each of the Commonwealth’s pharmacies, in order to provide alternatives for you or your loved ones. We add to our database each day. See our list, and learn how you can assist in our work.

However, on Friday, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kaczmaryk ordered a hold on federal approval of mifepristone, the first of two drugs prescribed in medical abortions. "The immediate impact of the ruling by Kacsmaryk, which does not go into immediate effect, was unclear," the Associated Press reported. MCFL will update you as we learn more about the legality of mifepristone here.

Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs)

Second thorn: Last month, the Massachusetts House and Senate voted to approve the state’s supplemental budget, which included $1 million for a “public awareness” initiative intended to damage our state’s three dozen PRCs. This was the same “smear campaign” Governor Baker vetoed last fall before he left office. But on March 29, despite your calls and emails asking her to use her line-item veto, Governor Healey signed the budget and allowed the $1 million to remain. 

Countless women have been served safely, free of charge, by compassionate caregivers who work at PRCs, and an untold number of lives have been saved because of them. Yet these critical community resources remain under attack. 

Now, back to our roses!

On April 18, you’ll learn about the historic effort underway to protect our PRCs across the state — an effort initiated and led by MCFL, yet its success will depend on each of us. 

Fetal Development Booklet Distribution

Your support last December allowed MCFL to move forward with an initial printing of 10,000 stunningly beautiful booklets, designed to inform teens and young adults about the facts of prenatal biology. Become a distributor! Learn how to order FREE copies to educate the next generation of pro-life advocates near you. 

Upcoming Events

April 13-14: Weekend 4 Life 2023, Quincy (FREE!)

April 26: Our second Young Adult Meetup, Newton (FREE!)

May 11: Annual Mother’s Day Dinner & Fundraiser, Springfield -- Keynote speaker Kathy Aultman, M.D.

June 6: MCFL's next webinar in our Virtual Speaker Series features Alexandra DeSanctis & Ryan T. Anderson (FREE!)

June 27-29: Student Summer Academy, Barnstable, Bellingham or Westfield (FREE!)

October 14: 50th Anniversary Pro-life Fundraising Gala, Newton

I'm so proud of my team and the good they do on behalf of life. They deserve enormous credit for each plan I've shared. But please note that we offer the majority of our projects and plans at no cost. And the massive credit for that goes to you. The fundraisers listed above are key opportunities for you to continue to support our work. Letters you might receive in the mail, from yours truly, requesting donations, are another catalyst for nurturing the many roses we grow around the state. Prefer online giving? We have you covered.

We're well into our 50th anniversary year, nowhere near wrapping up. If anything, we've still got a full tank and are eager to do. So! What are we doing next? Let's make plans!

Warmest wishes for a joyous Easter or Passover celebration,

Myrna Maloney Flynn, President

P.S. Did you miss our keynote speaker announcement last week? Click here to watch the video reveal!

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