Provocative. Eye-catching. Here's the billboard you asked for!

Truth will ultimately prevail where pains is taken to bring it to light. - George Washington

A couple months ago, I invited you and your fellow life advocates to submit suggestions for a billboard. We received a slew of excellent ideas, including photos to feature and messaging to display. Interestingly, the concepts we reviewed all centered around one central theme: truth. Overwhelmingly, those who responded indicated that the ideal billboard would be one that simply and clearly speaks to the fundamental humanity and right to life of an unborn child. 

So, should you have the opportunity to drive along I-91 in Springfield, heading south, just past the Basketball Hall of Fame at exit 4, look to the east. And there, you will experience your combined voices, raised high above the interstate and East Columbus Avenue, speaking the truth. 

If you see the MCFL billboard, pictured below, know that you are one of two million who will view it this month. Consider, too, those who, because of its location, will also encounter its message:

  • Drivers heading to the major hospital nearby where late-term abortions are performed
  • Hurting men, seeking the truth, perhaps desperate for a sign, intending to drive their partner to Springfield’s Planned Parenthood, just a mile up the road from our billboard
  • Women on their way to a pregnancy resource center called Clearway Clinic, wondering about the merit of “choice” in this “pro-choice” society, will see our billboard, just a few blocks from the life-affirming Clearway, and know for certain there is another way -- a clear way -- a route illuminated by truth. 

Learn more about our billboard, MCFL’s first in many years, and the facts of prenatal development. Then share what you discover. Bring the truth to light! Illuminate our Commonwealth, though the doing might be painful. As Washington knew without a doubt, once light exposes, truth prevails. 

With deep gratitude for your ongoing support of Massachusetts Citizens for Life,


P.S. - There is no elegant way to convey this truth: billboards cost money. MCFL was able to invest in this incredible opportunity only because you and your neighbors generously sustained us during the pandemic. Whether or not you are able to make the trip to Springfield this month (the billboard run lasts through the 27th), know that this is one tangible and impactful way that your voice is being heard. And we are just getting started! 2021 is only halfway through. And we have so many more ideas that will amplify your defense of LIFE. Thank you!