MCFL Speaker’s Bureau: Changing Hearts and Minds

educating a 2019 rally on the facts about the infanticide bill

After hearing an MCFL presentation on pre-natal development, a surprising number of Massachusetts citizens say the information is brand new to them.  Some programs in religious arenas explain that human lives deserve equal dignity. But why? And who? Although it may seem like common sense, the abortion distortion has seeped so deeply into our culture that human in the womb is often left out of the equation.

But to be pro-life is to have firm grasp science. You only need an embryology textbook, or a thorough but concise training from our speakers, to prove that human life begins at fertilization. If someone doesn't have that grounding, calls to "protect life" won't stick.

But what about our life-affirming or anti-life laws? What about the question of how to engage in a civil conversation about the lives lost to abortion, and the women victimised by it? What about the "hard" questions of rape, incest? 

We need to know the why, and we need to be educated -- because the facts of human life and development, value and existence, aren't up for debate. They're just left in the dark.

This is the why the MCFL Speakers List has been so successful and has contributed greatly to the decline in abortions in the state. Our speakers present the biological facts of prenatal development. They show the beautiful, actual pictures of unborn babies. They address current issues and proposed legislation. They give hands-on training and demonstrations of how to be an active community organizing, converse with conviction -- as well as courtesy -- and influence our fellow citizens to protect and cherish the lives of our most vulnerable.  The individuals leaving these presentations draw their own conclusions, which become a part of them, that human lives must be protected. If the MCFL speakers could speak to every community in the state, we would have a state that refused the false solution of abortion and suicide.. For more information on hosting a speaker, email us at [email protected].