Here Comes the Sun

It’s morning again in America. - Hal Riney, producer, Reagan-Bush ‘84

Forty-nine years after one of America’s darkest days, who besides the Great Communicator offers a proper comparison to today’s brighter tone—that fiery haze of optimism rising within the pro-life movement? Just as President Reagan’s campaign ad prompted viewers to recognize possibility born from accomplishments, it’s time to acknowledge a similar potential, the result of some impressively coordinated efforts throughout the past five decades, yours among them.

While you as an individual work daily, in the small or large capacity to which you have been called, to affirm the right to life, millions like you have taken to the same road across the Commonwealth and around the country. It’s usually an arduous, uphill climb. Always risky. Accompanied by occasional road rage. And yet, we’ve plodded along. Like you, I know many who’ve trekked mile after mile until their last day, never questioning whether their small voice was going to make a difference. Their conscience wouldn’t allow it. Did their voices make a difference? Has yours? Well, I say just look around. It’s morning again in America. 

Eagle Sunrise over the MetroWest, January 22, 2021

Eagle Sunrise over the MetroWest, January 22, 2021

As reported earlier this month in the Washington Examiner, life saw many wins in 2021, so many, that you’d do well to review a state-by-state tally to keep track of them all. And not a day into 2022, The New York Times (!) reported that, as you and I have long known, prenatal genetic screenings are unreliable, often revealing false positive results and leading to tragic decisions thereafter. This week, the Supreme Court again refused to strike down the Texas “heartbeat” law, in effect since September, that essentially bans abortion in the state. 

Yes, it’s dawn. And on the horizon, Dobbs.

In Massachusetts, we see reasons for Reaganesque optimism, too. As we wrote last month, no insurance providers agreed to provide coverage for MCFL events, due to the gatherings’ “political” nature. So our Assembly for Life, which would have taken place this weekend at Faneuil Hall, could not be held. Since we shared this news, however, an agency owner, whose firm is dedicated solely to the pro-life cause, got in touch to offer insurance. While it’s too late for our Assembly, we are thrilled that our beloved Massachusetts March for Life will take place this fall on Boston Common, as it has for decades. Mark your calendars! Our tentative date is Saturday, October 16, pending approval from the City of Boston.

Do you see what happens when you raise your voice, your one lone – powerful – voice?

One final note today on the impact of a single person: a couple weeks ago, legislators on the Joint Committee on Revenue held a hearing on one of our bills, H.3005 An Act Relative to Taxpayer Conscience Protection. We called for your testimonies. Here is one woman’s voice, raised bravely in support of this legislation. (Though her submitted testimony is signed, she has asked that, here, her name be withheld.)

As an unwed, very poor girl who became unexpectedly pregnant, I was pressured enormously, encouraged, yelled at, and even take [sic] to a psychologist all to convince me to abort my baby. It took everything I could muster within me to stand up to the pressure. I had faith.  I cannot convey how difficult it was for me to stand up to all the pressure. When I made my decision to have my baby, I was going it alone. I risked losing everything from all my family relationships as well as my friendships to a way of supporting myself. What I needed at that time was support. When I expressed my thinking about giving the baby up for adoption, the father ended up stepping in to help.

Today, that baby, my daughter has her master’s degree and works in a low-income area helping children and the community. She is married, has a beautiful home and a daughter herself. She has been a true blessing and it would have been a tragedy to have killed her in the womb. . . When I see young women being pressured into abortion, my heart breaks for them. . .

I would be very thankful to be able to direct my tax dollars to help to support women and babies. I absolutely in no way want any of the dollars I worked so hard for to be directed in a way that hurts women and babies as well as our society through abortion. Please pass this bill so I, along with those who share my concerns, can live with a clear conscience knowing we are not participating in this culture of death, abortion.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” Today, January 22, we might be mourning again in America, as we honor 64 million lives lost and seek to comfort the millions of women, and men, who have been and continue to be misled. Yet let’s also remember the lives we’ve saved and will save, because you and I raise our voice.

It’s our morning. Here comes the sun. 


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