Good, Hope, and Zoom

Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. -- Luke 6:38

This week, I had the pleasure of talking for the first time with one of MCFL’s longtime supporters. We planned to “meet” over a video call* and, as I thought ahead to our conversation, I knew there was one thing I wanted to find out: why he is so committed to the pro-life mission. So staunch is his support that he answered my question before I had a chance to ask it.

He told me he’d been adopted and, as he got older, realized what his birth mother must have gone through, the magnitude of her sacrifice, and the impact of his adoptive parents’ decision. “If Roe v. Wade had been around, I might not be here,” he said. “This issue will always be at the core of my being.” Then, elaborating on all his parents provided for him over the years, he explained his consistent MCFL support. “Their pro-life work continues, even though they’re not here anymore, through me.”

The pandemic prevents us from rallying at the State House or gathering for our spring events, yet my colleagues and I continue to advance MCFL’s mission to “restore respect for human life and defend the right to life of all human beings, born and pre-born.” 

Our Board members and staff are writing op-eds, posting the undeniable truth of prenatal development on social media, and applying nonstop pressure on our elected officials. We are investigating questionable practices that are considered the “norm.” Our volunteers are informing women of their better option, recruiting new members, and, of course, donating. 

None on our team want anything in return for their gifts. Yet I fully expect that they will one day find goodness packed, shaken, and poured into their laps.

This Tuesday, May 5, provides you with an opportunity to bolster our work—work that is significantly more challenging due to the coronavirus. I understand pandemic-related fallout is affecting people in a variety of ways. But, if you can, I humbly ask that you consider making a contribution to our state’s oldest pro-life organization during Giving Tuesday, somewhat of a “new” national holiday. You don’t have to wait until Tuesday though. Take a moment now to visit our website

Thank you for whatever gift you are able to make. And thank you for the support you provide simply by being an ally—one who will read this and reaffirm in your heart the value of human life and the work we do to protect it. 

For those following the story of Baby Hope, an update: the five-month-old once again astounded her doctors in Boston last week, when a preoperative MRI revealed that, over the last few months, most of the brain tissue that had been in an external sack at the back of her head went back inside her skull. According to her mom, Joy, “The doctor is amazed and hasn't seen anything like it.” Surgeons operated successfully, and indications are that there was little, if any, damage to brain tissue. “She looks great,” Joy told me. “She will still have battles ahead of her, but they have gotten a lot easier.”

I wish you a week filled with gifts, whether they are eagerly anticipated or unexpected. May they overflow, inspire, and multiply. 


*Though it has become the go-to video conferencing tool for organizations and individuals alike during Covid-19 lockdowns, Zoom, and its leaders, ardently support abortion rights and Planned Parenthood. In June 2019, for example, its CEO signed onto the national “Don’t Ban Equality” campaign, which called attention to workplace “restrictions” to “comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion.” Google Meet is an easy-to-use Zoom alternative. However, through its support of the United Way, Google indirectly supports Planned Parenthood.