Genetic Manipulation: Making Human Life a Commodity?

Today, The Ruth Institute, founded to aid those damaged and isolated by the sexual revolution's objectification of human lives, released this statement regarding the recent genetic manipulation experiment completed in China. 

“This is appalling,” Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, said. “Supposedly, the gene editing will make these twin girls resistant to the AIDS virus. Whether or not that’s true, it opens the door to all sorts of manipulation. Will gene-editing eventually be used to create a class of genetically-enhanced super humans?”

What about the long-range consequences? “Obviously, the changes are made without the consent of the subjects. The altered genes will be passed on to any offspring."

Quoted as well, is Chinese genetic scientist, He Jiankui...

who remarked that if research is done "responsibly", then "full-speed ahead!" To which Morse responded, "How can you responsibly alter the genetic make-up of humans?"

We would like to point out that -- whatever the intentions of a scientist manipulating a specific individual's genes -- the underlying idea that we can make "better" humans leads directly to dehumanizing and discriminating against those with other abilities, "mutations", or "disabilities." It also leads us to the highly problematic creation of embryos (as seen in IVF procedures), who -- if they do not meet the standards of genetic purity -- may be killed and discarded. 

“Gene editing is another step on this perilous course,” Morse noted. “Once a particular gene, or genes, are modified, the child is then placed in the mother’s body, with unknown long-term effects on future generations. The Managerial Technocratic Class is assigning itself the right to play God.”  

We can never treat another human life like a product. 

It is never our place to make -- or judge -- one human being more perfect, or valuable, than another. 

And finally, is it ever just or "responsible" to edit a human being's genes without their consent? It is a question that should be answered long before we actually dive into genetic manipulation.