Father Knows Best

The fight for the right to life is not the cause of a special few, but the cause of every man, woman and child who cares not only about his or her own family, but the whole family of man. -- Dr. Mildred Jefferson

It was as reliable as the sunrise. Each May, after friends and family greeted my mother with “Happy Mother’s Day!” my dad quickly chimed in with a lighthearted, sing-songy “Don’t forget: if it wasn’t for a father, there wouldn’t be a mother.” His comment prompted the kind of eye rolls that only dad jokes warrant. 

Of course, looking back now, I realize that Dad was on to something. 

Too often, the media and abortion-rights supporters position the abortion debate as a “women’s issue.” And in doing so, they apply an implicit message to their rhetoric; a warning of sorts that intends to, and often effectively does, silence men. In this era of the Women’s March and Me Too Movement, you can’t blame a guy for accepting the offer for an easy way out, to watch from the sidelines, to sit out the fight. And too many men are bullied into doing just that.

Yet, as I spend more time in Massachusetts’ pro-life camp, I continue to be surprised and inspired by men for whom the call to protect the unborn rings louder than the demand to back off. In fact, it occurs to me that men have either initiated or are taking the lead on many MCFL-related projects I’m currently working on. As I recall the first three months of my term as the organization’s president, I realize how blessed I am to have already met determined gentlemen from every part of the state who understand and are responding to Dr. Jefferson’s claim.

Many people are unfamiliar with Jefferson and her profound impact on this fight we’re in, the battle to relay truth to women; to offer them love instead of false empowerment. (Isn’t it odd that we are, in fact, in a fight where love is so often rejected?) Soon enough, though, her name will be on everyone’s mind.

Watch this trailer for Roe v. Wade.

A much-anticipated film called Roe v. Wade is scheduled to hit theaters in April 2020. It will tell the story of Jefferson’s role in the events that led to the fateful Supreme Court decision which sent us down a seemingly irreversible slippery slope—a decision in which just two of nine men refused to be persuaded by the clamor of feminist voices and instead voted to protect the voiceless.

We are thrilled that actress and pro-life advocate Stacey Dash, who portrays Dr. Jefferson in the movie, will deliver the keynote address at MCFL’s annual fundraising and awards banquet on Thursday, October 24. As you may imagine, Ms. Dash is a highly sought-after speaker because of her bravery and willingness to swim against the pro-abortion Hollywood tide. It will be an honor to welcome her to our event. Please join us at the Four Points Sheraton in Norwood from 6:00-9:00 PM

Reserve your seats today. Demand is high this year, and seating is limited. Then, ladies, grab a cocktail dress. Guys, you know you clean up well. Show off that dapper tie you got for Father’s Day. Because, you know, if it weren’t for you . . .

I sincerely look forward to toasting each one of you for the work you’ve done and continue to do to advance a culture of life.

Enjoy your weekend.