Parents' Corner FAQs

Yes! We highly recommend that you ask to review what material is being taught to your child or children in school. It is also within your parental rights to request that your child opt out of this class entirely.  

A SBHC’s are a collection of 33 health centers in 15 cities and towns throughout Mass., mostly in high schools. The programs are administered through partnerships with community health centers, hospitals, and local health departments.

The reason parents should be concerned about these centers is the scope of services that they provide - without parental consent - that may be inappropriate for your child or go against your families' moral beliefs as they provide the following services:

  • gynecological examinations, 
  • diagnosis and treatment of reproductive health concerns,
  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI),
  • family planning health education and services, and 
  • pregnancy diagnosis and follow-up.

Please note that “For services not provided on site such as nutrition services, dental services, reproductive health services … the SBHC must arrange for the provision of such services off site”. (abortion?)