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  • State House New Reports MCFL NO to ROE Petition Delivery to Committee

    The State House news reported on our delivery of thousands of petitions opposing the ROE Act today. 


    ROE Act Opponents Visit Judiciary Committee

    ROE Act opponents visited the Judiciary Committee Thursday to deliver signatures from people opposed to the bill, which was the subject of a long public hearing in June. Massachusetts Citizens for Life claims the bill (S 1209 / H 3320) would lower standards of care for women by permitting certain abortions to be undertaken outside of hospital settings. The bill's critics also oppose its changes to parental consent. The ROE Act, backed by a large coalition, eliminates parental consent requirements for teens seeking an abortion, allows abortions after 24 weeks to protect the physical or mental health of a patient, or in cases of diagnosed lethal fetal anomalies, and includes abortion in the pregnancy-related safety net coverage for residents ineligible for MassHealth. C.J. Williams of Mass. Citizens for Life said she turned in 1,654 signatures to Judiciary Committee counsel Jim McCarthy, and new digital signatures were still landing in her email inbox while she stood in the office around 3:20 p.m. ROE Act supporters were also on Beacon Hill Thursday for an advocacy training hosted by NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. Williams said she hoped to run into them and "have a conversation," but did not encounter any backers of the bill.


    - Michael P. Norton/SHNS

  • @MassProLife tweeted link to Donate MCFL Trust. 2019-11-09 14:47:30 -0500
    Just made a donation to Massachusetts Citizens for Life https://www.masscitizensforlife.org/donate-trust?recruiter_id=6654

    Your Gift to the MCFL Charitable Trust

    The MCFL Charitable Trust funds education and other charitable pro-life activities. It is an excellent way of tackling the human side of life issues and a major part of the “hearts and minds” effort. Your donations to the MCFL Charitable Trust are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Please consult a tax professional.


  • canceled rsvp +1 for 2020 National March for Life 2019-11-11 10:51:28 -0500

    National March for Life

    There will be two MCFL-sponsored buses attending the National March for Life this year:


    OVERNIGHT - BUS #1 - January 23-24, 2020

    (depart Thursday, return Friday night after the March)

    (Overnight Bus - No Hotel Stay) Our first itinerary will run overnight Thursday to allow members to march on Friday before returning that evening. This is the ideal trip for someone who cannot spend too many days away from home, or who is looking for for the most economical trip.

          Depart: Thursday, January 23rd at 8:00 PM  from Riverside Station (367 Grove St, Newton, MA)

          Return: Friday, January 24th after the March for Life. location TBD

    2 NIGHT HOTEL STAY -BUS #2 - January 22-25, 2020

    (depart Wednesday evening, return Saturday afternoon after the national Pro-Life Summit)

     (2-Night Hotel Stay) Our second itinerary will include a 2-night stay at POD DC hotel full of opportunities to attend The Democrats for Life Pre-March Caucus & Brunch, The National March for Life Expo, and the historic National Pro-Life Summit, endorsed by MCFL, Saturday. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER FOR THESE ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS at the below links.

    THURSDAY: MARCH FOR LIFE EXPO (all day, Renaissance DC Marriott) YOUTH RALLY (1:45pm, Renaissance DC Marriott)

     on arrival, mass at 8:00am is an option for all Catholics joining the bus tour

    FRIDAY: MARCH FOR LIFE EXPO, OPENING EVENTS (Renaissaince DC Marriotl, 8:00am-10:00am; National Mall 11:00am-1:45pm) no registration required

    FRIDAY: DFLA CAUCUS & BRUNCH  (9:30am pre-march) location TBA

    FRIDAY: MARCH FOR LIFE ROSE DINNER (6:00pm Cocktail Hour - 7:00pm Dinner) 


    SATURDAY: NATIONAL PRO-LIFE SUMMIT (by Students for Life and Life Action, endorsed by MCFL) (8:00am-5:30pm)


     This is the ideal trip for someone who is looking to maximize their March For Life experience and looking to take advantage of all of the pro-life activities taking place before and after the March. 

          Depart: Wednesday, January 22th at 8:00 PM from Riverside Station (367 Grove St, Newton, MA) to arrive Thursday, January 23rd at BASILICA OF THE NATIONAL SHRINE ~7:30am

          Return: Saturday, January 25th, 7:00pm from BASILICA OF THE NATIONAL SHRINE


    PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for making your own hotel accommodations. MCFL has room blocks at a discounted rate for anyone who makes a reservation using Bus Option 2.  You will be able to book through the hotel's secure portal at THIS SECURE LINK  after you've secured your bus reservation. The hotel is located near the Basilica of the Immaculate Shrine. Rooms are available for $139 per night per room. 

    January 24, 2020 at 12pm
    Washington DC, National Mall
    Dc, DC
    United States
    Google map and directions
    $170.00 USD · 2 rsvps rsvp

  • Update on Petition to End Taxpayer Funded Abortion Drive

    Your update on the critical drive to stop taxpayer funding of abortion in Massachusetts. For more in-depth reporting, see the previous year's write up by our past communications team at this link.

    The signature drive has taken Massachusetts by storm. If you haven't seen a signature gatherer in your community, how about becoming that signature collector? 

    •    Massachusetts taxpayers spend $1.7 million each year on abortions and over $200 million since 1981

    But we don't have to fund abortion in our state.


    We now have just 2 weeks to finish collecting signatures and reach the goal number. Sign up here to volunteer.

    The campaign is still asking  citizens who have volunteered to set a goal of collecting 75 signatures a week. Along with collecting signatures during the weekend, we're also asking that you dedicate 3+ hours this and next week to gathering those "John Hancocks" at your local YMCA, supermarket, or church.

     Have you already been beating the bushes to get this life-saving provision on the ballot? You can find instructions for turning signatures in to city and town halls, by clicking HERE. If you have already turned in your signatures to the Town or City Clerk, and they are ready to pick up, the instructions for picking up certified signature are HERE. 

                The campaign is also looking for drivers in preparation for taking completed signature sheets to and from Town Clerks.  Please contact the Field Director for your area if you can volunteer.

    Current list of field directors:

      Joshua Tavares (Bristol and Barnstable Counties): 

     Josh@RenewMACoalition.org  508-212-1778

    Robert Aufiero (Essex, part of Middlesex, Suffolk Counties):
    Robert@RenewMACoalition.org 781-307-1494

    Steve Fruzzetti (Part of Boston, Norfolk, Plymouth Counties):
    Steve@RenewMACoalition.org 508-386-3647

    Kathy Lynch (Middlesex, Worcester Counties, Western MA):
    Kathy@RenewMACoalition.org 978-337-4450


    Interested in organizing long-term and for  continued action after the drive? Sign up today to receive information on your nearest MCFL chapter, and join the movement to protect human lives at every stage in Massachusetts.




  • Love in Action: 2019 Fundraising Banquet, feat. Stacey Dash




    When Stacey Dash began her presentation to our full banquet hall, Thursday night on October 24th, no one knew what was coming. To say we received the gritty and decisive image of courageous love in action would be an understatement.

    She did not toss off slogans. She didn't even take the easy route of talking about her challenges working in Hollywood as an African-American, pro-life woman.

    She looked us in the eye, and gave us the gift of her story.

    Stacey Dash: "I pulled the IV out of my arm and started screaming I'm keeping my baby! My doctor calmed me...Let’s look and see to make sure everything is ok, he told me... I saw the ultrasound. I saw my son’s heartbeat. 

    "He is 29 now. And that is all I have to say about what happened to bring me here to you today."

    This next year, she can be seen on screen as a similarly courageous woman (if in different circumstances): our own Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. 

    Jefferson remains one of the most consistent, intelligent, and clear advocates for human life in our history.

    We'd love to share Stacey's full speech with those of you who have supported our mission to protect human life this year in our Commonwealth. If you could not attend but would still like to be included in the legacy of those who have given to end abortion and violence against our vulnerable in Massachusetts, you can still make a secure donation here.

    MCFL's Director of Community Engagement, CJ Williams (Left), with Cathy Weikert (Center), and Host of Life Matters TV, Brendan O'Connell (Right)


    Chairman of the Board, Dr. Franks (Left), talks ambitious plans for pro-life action this year with MCFL member Dustin Labreche (Right)

    Chairman of the Board, Dr. Franks (Left), Stacey Dash, keynote speaker (Center), and MCFL President, Myrna Maloney Flynn (Right).

    Set...for life.

    Read more

  • Killing Keisha: "R.O.E." Act Provisions Already Proved Deadly in New Mexico

    In New Mexico, the proposed removal of late term abortion procedures from the hospital setting made by the "R.O.E." Act in Massachusetts is already law. This reduction in standards of care has proved fatal for Keisha Atkins, and deadly or injurious to nearly 25 other women.

    By Leslie Palma

    Priests for Life Director of Communications


    It’s heartbreaking to imagine the last day in the life of Keisha Atkins, a 23-year-old woman who died following a legal abortion, at six months, in New Mexico.

    “In our last conversation in the hospital, she said, ‘Mom, I’m going to die,’” recalled Keisha’s mom, Tina Atkins. “And I said, ‘Don’t talk like that, you’re going to be fine.’” 

    Soon after that, Keisha was taken to the operating room, and Tina never saw her alive again.

    Tina described her daughter as “a beautiful, exuberant young lady,” who loved the outdoors and karaoke singing, going to concerts with her mom and just hanging out with family.

    “We just had a great life and all of a sudden, it was gone,” Tina said.

    The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the late-term abortion business that started the abortion and the hospital where she died.

    “They messed with the wrong black woman, because I am not going to step down,” Tina said during an interview with Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, and Alveda King, director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life. Tina has testified before the New Mexico Legislature and is hoping to talk to President Trump about abortions that are killing women and their children.

    “This is a tragedy,” Father Pavone said. “It’s so important to be speaking out about this.”


    Keisha went to the University of New Mexico (UNM) twice, on Jan. 23 and Jan. 30, 2017, seeking an abortion. She was given an ultrasound but was ultimately turned away from the hospital and referred to Southwestern Women’s Options, an Albuquerque business that performs third-trimester abortions on healthy babies growing in the wombs of healthy mothers. The UNM staff made the appointment at Southwestern for her. The two businesses often collaborate, both in the training of abortionists and, until last year, in the transfer of body parts harvested from aborted babies.

    On Feb. 1, Keisha went to Southwestern, where her baby girl received a shot of digoxin to stop her heart and laminaria were inserted in Keisha’s cervix to begin the dilation process that would, if all went according to plan, result in Keisha delivering her stillborn daughter two or three days later.

    Keisha signed consent forms and was instructed, in writing, that if she experienced any problems, she should not call 911 or go to an emergency room, but should just call Southwestern. She was sent home. 

    Feb. 2, she returned to Southwestern to have the laminaria replaced and was sent home again. Late that night, at about 11 p.m., she called Southwestern to say she was having trouble breathing and experiencing abdominal pain. Tina was with her when she made that call and remembers that Keisha was instructed not to call 911 but just to get to the clinic in the morning.

    “I stayed with her all night,” Tina said. “She was in so much pain.”

    On Feb. 3, Keisha arrived at Southwestern at 6:45 a.m. with a high fever and experiencing shortness of breath. Her physical symptoms did not improve through the course of that long day. 

    “That day was horrible,” Tina said. “I was in the waiting room and they finally let me see her for a minute at 2:30 p.m.” Keisha was on oxygen and had a high fever, her mother said.

    At 4:08 p.m., almost nine and a half hours after Keisha had arrived at Southwestern, an ambulance finally was called. The abortion was not performed because she was too ill.

    Keisha was admitted to the Emergency Room at UNM at 4:53 p.m. Tina remained with her until just before she was taken to the operating room at 10:29 p.m. for a “dilation and evacuation” abortion of her dead baby. That would entail repeatedly inserting forceps into Keisha’s uterus to remove her daughter piece by piece.

    On the operating table, Keisha went into cardiac arrest and was declared dead at 12:10 a.m. Feb. 4.  

    Eventually the remains of Keisha’s baby, whom she had named Mavis, were reunited with Keisha’s body. They were cremated and their ashes, together in one urn, are with Tina.

    “I miss my baby,” Tina said. “She should be here with me right now, and my grandbaby.” Mavis would be 2 years old.

    Keisha’s sister, Nicole, also had an abortion at Southwestern and suffered complications so serious, she had to have a hysterectomy. She would advise any woman considering abortion to make another choice.

    “This has impacted me and my family in ways you could not imagine,” Nicole said. “It has a tremendous amount of loss involved and I wish I had never done it.”

    Tina and Nicole both wish Keisha had never set foot inside Southwestern.


    An autopsy performed by UNM’s Dr. Lauren Dvorscak concluded that Keisha died of a pregnancy-related pulmonary embolism - a blood clot in the lungs. The death was listed as “natural” and the autopsy report noted that “pulmonary embolism is the 6th leading cause of maternal mortality in the United States.”

    But according to email transcripts obtained by Albuquerque attorney Michael Seibel, who last year filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Southwestern and UNM, some of the hospital’s medical staff were skeptical that it was really a pulmonary embolism that killed Keisha.

    The autopsy report noted that Keisha “also had a high white blood cell count and other clinical features concerning for sepsis upon her hospital admission.” Keisha’s family believes that sepsis, a widespread infection, is what killed her. 

    Some hospital staffers seem to agree.

    In an email dated July 20, 2017, Dr. Trenton Wray, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico Hospital, who was one of the physicians who treated Keisha, said: “Everything about her course was consistent with septic abortion … I have to admit, I was floored by the cause of death being a massive PE.”

    Wray was asking for an opinion from Dr. Gary Hatch, a diagnostic radiology specialist, who responded: 

     “The autopsy report doesn’t make sense to me. Who did the autopsy?” Hatch also insisted “there was no massive PE at the time of the CPTA. Period.” 

    CPTA stands for computed pulmonary arteriogram, a test that would have detected a pulmonary embolism.

    In a subsequent email to Lisa Hofler, who was primarily in charge of Keisha’s treatment in the emergency room, Wray said: “My personal opinion on it is that she had septic cardiomyopathy.” 

    In an email exchange between Dvorscak, who performed the autopsy, and Hatch, Keisha’s infection was mentioned again.

    “I agree that everything makes sense for sepsis, and I’m not denying that she was septic and going through a septic abortion,” Dvorscak wrote.

    In his response, Hatch asked: “Could a potential sequence here be PE due to DIC due to sepsis due to endometrial infection?”

    DIC stands for disseminated intravascular coagulation, a dangerous blood condition that can lead to hemorrhaging. Retention of a dead fetus is one potential cause of DIC.

    “I think the scenario you outlined is entirely plausible,” Dvorscak replied, “that everything may have been sort of a sequence from her underlying infection.” 

    A month after these email exchanges, on Aug. 23, 2017, the Albuquerque Journal ran a story under the headline “Autopsy Rules Out Abortion as Cause of Death.” 

    In the story, New Mexico Chief Medical Investigator Dr. Kurt Nolte called Keisha’s death “a rare and tragic case for the family.” Southwestern, in a statement, said “All of us … are heartbroken by her death. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”

    The Southwestern statement went on to berate pro-lifers who were trying to learn the truth about the death of a healthy 23-year-old during the abortion of her healthy baby:

    “For those who oppose women’s reproductive justice to exploit this sad event by putting forth lies about abortion and the patient’s care is sickening.”

    Tina Atkins has a different take on what’s sickening about this situation.

    “These late-term abortions are killing our children, our mothers, our daughters,” she said. “And they’re just getting away with it. I wanted to raise my grandbaby. I can’t even do that now because I don’t have either one of them here.”


    Another set of emails sent two days after the Journal story was published brought up another discrepancy.

    Remember that UNM turned Keisha away when she went there seeking an abortion, instead sending her to Southwestern for an elective abortion of her six-month fetus. That makes it curious for Eve Espey, chairwoman of UNM’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, to write: “… would you be willing to remove the word ‘elective’ – she qualifies under New Mexico’s definition of ‘medically indicated’ but I would suggest just saying ‘abortion.’ “ 

    If her abortion was medically indicated, why was Keisha sent to an abortion business that, according to files collected by Seibel, had no emergency equipment on hand and whose doctors did not have hospital admitting privileges?

    That’s just one of the many questions Keisha’s family want answered when the case is heard in December 2020.

    They will also want to know why Southwestern waited more than nine hours before transferring her to the hospital, and why UNM waited more than five hours before sending her to an operating room to remove Keisha’s baby, who had been dead for about 60 hours at that point. 

    They would like the truth about the cause of death to come out – was it really a pulmonary embolism, or, as their lawsuit contends, did she die due to a septic infection that was overlooked until it was too late?

    They want to know if, with better care, Keisha might have lived.

    Keisha’s family, working with Elisa Martinez, executive director of the New Mexico Alliance for Life and a candidate for the U.S. Senate, also want to ensure that no more women die from abortion.

    Noting that even literature supplied to Keisha at Southwestern said the risks of later abortions were much greater than those performed early in pregnancy, Ms. Martinez said: “This is why we have to put an end to barbaric late-term abortion. There are too many women in who are being lied to. We need this story to get out.”

    Why young women, particularly women of color, continue to die from legal abortion is beyond the scope of the lawsuit, but it’s a question that needs an answer, especially as late-term abortion spreads to states like New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and Vermont.

     “So many of the details sound so tragically similar,” Father Pavone told Tina and Nicole Atkins.  “Not only are we praying for you, but we are going to work side by side with you to make sure this tragic loss will not be in vain. We’re going to save more lives as a result.”


    press conference and annual State House Celebration of Life this Wednesday

    Massachusetts Citizens for Life and partner organizations to illustrate dangerous impact of proposed ROE Act.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - BOSTON, MA - 28 October, 2019 - During the Celebration of Life, an annual lobby day that highlights holistic and life-affirming resources for women and children, Massachusetts Citizens for Life invites media to a press conference at noon on Wednesday, October 30th. National experts from a broad spectrum of political backgrounds, including abortion survivor, Claire Culwell, will speak on the impact of provisions in the ROE ACT(S.1209/H.3320). 

    Great Hall, Massachusetts State House

    Press Conference: 12:00 noon - 1:00pm

    Celebration of Life Event: 10:00am - 3:00pm

    C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement, MCFL:  "Massachusetts can do much better than a bill that ditches basic standards of medical care in favor of a burnt-earth push for abortion access over women's safety. In no other medical procedure do we reduce regulations and safety- it's backward. In this case, it uniquely discriminates against women."

    Regarding a weeklong campaign launched by MassNARAL that claims, "Massachusetts can do better," MCFL President Myrna Maloney Flynn said, "I agree 100% with NARAL. Massachusetts can do better. But the so-called ROE Act wi make things worse. Instead, let's start talking about prevention, about the facts of fetal development, the effect abortion has on a woman's long-term mental health, adoption, and, especially, universal childcare programs like the one Senator Warren proposes," she said. "That's doing better."

    Bill Gilmeister, executive director of RenewMass, said, regarding the showcasing of resource centers, "Pregnancy health centers offer a positive response to pregnant women in difficult circumstances. They provide the resources women need when experiencing tough pregnancies. They are willing to come alongside in support. This is in stark contrast to the abortion businesses that seek to profit from women in need.”

    New Mexico attorney Mike Seibel will speak to reporters in the Great Hall Wednesday. Siebel is currently prosecuting the outpatient abortion facility on behalf of his client, mother of Keisha Atkins, who was killed by the deregulation of late-term abortion procedures in New Mexico, the same kind of provision that "R.O.E.” would permit in Massachusetts.

    Seibel said,  "Massachusetts may take late-term abortion out of hospitals and away from life-saving medical equipment. Let [New Mexico] be a lesson for Massachusetts. You pass that bill, and there will be transports to hospitals for uncontrolled bleeding, uterine rupture, sepsis . . . just like here in New Mexico. Massachusetts will devolve from its first-class status in healthcare to substandard care. There will be deaths just like those in New Mexico."

    Depositions, testimony, and other legal documents will be available to press following the speakers’ statements, as will activist and abortion survivor Claire Culwell.


    C.J. Williams

    Director of Community Engagement

    Massachusetts Citizens for Life

    857 302 0466




    Are you a concerned citizen or MCFL member? Do you have the resource, but maybe not the ability or energy to spend time or travel to engage in the activism and education MCFL facilitates?

    You can still support our work.

    To support our digital and local action campaigns to shelve this anti-life bill, you can donate now. Just click through our secure links here: Donate to MCFL.




  • What She Needs: When You Take a Stand on the Sidewalk

    But what do I do?

    You're standing outside the abortion center, and pedestrians pour past. A girl hops out of an Uber, and brushes by, and in a second has vanished behind the glass doors and the sign that says Abortion care offered here.

    Or maybe you're not even there, but sitting with your hand hovering over the mouse, your computer screen flickering the schedule for 40 Days for Life volunteers. What if you sign up for 4pm. What then?

    What does she need you to do? 

    The fact is, it isn't complicated. The answer is love, and that looks like the simple step of showing up, speaking up, and asking a question.

    1) Start with a "Hi," and introduce yourself.

    2) Ask her a question. 

    3) Ask if she's been there before, and mention if you or a friend has.

    One of the best lists of more detailed suggestions comes from the Sisters of Life.

    Read them below, and then suit up and show up. Your standing up on the sidewalk will save lives. (Suggestions below are adapted from an article originally printed in Imprint, 2019)

    Listen: Often, everyone else is telling her what to do, but no one is listen- ing. So first, listen. Listen to her story, her experiences, her fears, hopes, worries, and desires.

    Notice: She is good. Let yourself be honestly, spontaneously in touch with her -- her personality, her presence. Meet her. 

    Reflect: As you listen, reflect back to her what you are seeing and hear- ing: what she is saying, yes, but also her own value and goodness. She is not a project. She is not someone or something to "be good to" and "fix." In this situation especially, she needs to see that she's worth it, just for being herself. We all do. Not for what she's done, will do, hasn't done.  Not for her education, looks or gifts, but for herself. A woman who knows that she is cared for and loved can do anything.

    Connect: We are not meant to be alone. She needs a friend who will put faith in her and who will commit to walking with her in overcoming the obstacles, interiorly and exteriorly. This act of unconditional acceptance from you allows her to choose her own flourishing, for herself and for her child. It’s what opens her up to living from her heart.

    Over 70% of women submit to abortion because they feel unwanted, alone, or unsupported.

    That's the first problem you encounter on the sidewalk. And remember -- she's not a problem or a project. Don't solve her.

    Solve the injustice.

    That injustice is that she's been told she can't maintain her life, or equality, if she protects herself and her child.

    Your presence directly confronts that lie and puts in the trash bin.

    So don't refuse to show up because you're unsure. Simply stepping out on that sidewalk is the step that makes space for life.


  • Call for Healthcare Professionals - Doctor Prescribed Suicide

    We have a critical update about an action all health care providers in Massachusetts can take to stop the legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide and to save lives.  Please respond to this urgent update if you are a doctor, nurse, social worker, physical therapist, or pharmacist.

    The time is of the essence. You have the opportunity to end this assault on human life before it begins.

    Please respond as soon as possible so that we can contact you. Our longtime board member (and a director of The Patients Rights Action Fund in Massachusetts) Anne Fox, will be in touch.


    You can offer your help by emailing ACTION@masscitizensforlife.org.

    Yours for life,

    The MCFL Team


    Anne Fox

  • Mass. Mayors Announce Support of Dangerous "R.O.E" Act

    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joined mayors from across Massachusetts, October 1st, at the Massachusetts State House, to declare support of legislation removing basic standards of medical care for women and newly born infants. SB 1209/HB 3320, the "ROE Act," abolishes parental consent, eliminates every meaningful constraint on any abortion up until birth (while simultaneously making such abortions even more unsafe by canceling the current requirement that abortions after the first trimester be performed in hospitals), and removes the current requirement that life-supporting medical equipment be on-hand during late-term abortions—in case a child survives the abortion attempt.

    The event included Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera, Cambridge Mayor Marc McGovern, Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer, Newburyport Mayor Donna Holaday, and Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle.

    If any one of these officials is your mayor, call them today to express your deep disappointment in their judgment.


    Boston - Marty Walsh - Phone: 617-635-4500

    Cambridge - Marc McGovern - Phone: (617) 349-4321

    Easthampton - Nicole LaChapelle - Phone: (413) 529-1400 ext. 470

    Framingham - Yvonne Spicer - Phone: 508-532-5400

    Newburyport - Donna Holaday - Phone: (978) 465-4413





  • What the "R.O.E" Act Will Look Like In Practice

    By C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement, MCFL

    I returned from the Let There Be Life Conference in California with more information than my heart or head could properly organize.

    Much like the citizens of Massachusetts, Californians face an abortion-business extremism that is well beyond pro-choice. Laws proposed in the California legislature mirror the "ROE Act" (and newly introduced Bill H.3841, which would force our public universities to include abortion centers offering chemical terminations on their campuses). These bills abandon even the appearance of seeking women’s safety, and push abortion for any reason, at any stage, in any circumstance. These proposals brazenly remove medical standards of care for the abortion-minded mother, putting abortion promotion before her safety.*

    California’s pro-abortion university bill inspired the introduction of HB 3841 here. Even my Planned Parenthood-supporting friends have wondered aloud to me why chemical abortions should be forced onto university health centers, when abortion access is so open in both Massachusetts and California--and the proposed laws make abortion more available but less safe.

    Just in summary, these pieces of legislation:

    --prioritize access over safety*;

    --expand and promote abortion businesses but disempower doctors*;

    --target viable preborn children; and

    --target underage girls and young adults on college campuses*.

    If the governor signs the legislation, California will force its public universities to provide chemical abortions on-site to their students. We in Massachusetts don’t yet have these laws on our books. The Committee on the Judiciary has recently informed me they are still taking testimony on the ROE Act (as is the Committee on Public Health for HB 3841, the chemical-abortion bill). The ROE Act, if passed, would remove all adult supervision and protection for a 12- or 13-year old girl seeking an abortion, as well as removing any requirement that grisly, multi-day late-term abortion procedures be performed in a qualified hospital. HB 3841 would require our publicly funded universities to institutionalize abortion centers on their campuses.

    Court cases and emergency records in states with laws that remove these basic medical standards and abortion regulations show that countless women per year are maimed or killed by abortionists.*

    During the conference, attendees also held a protest at the University of San Francisco. Well-known for its cutting-edge technology programs and medical track, UCSF is less well-known as the premiere late-term abortion training school in the nation. Doctors training there learn to perform abortions by aborting: they dismember human beings in-utero, and the organs of those individuals are then sold for a profit to medical researchers. Neither mother nor child gives consent in this scenario.

    I joined other conference-goers outside the  university chancellor’s window to expose the heinous human rights abuse.

    “How can you have a medical school training late-term abortionists with the specific goal of harvesting human body parts? How many kinds of wrong can you go?” A girl named Ana asked me, as we held signs next to a young man in a mouse costume. (His sign: Don’t experiment on me and don’t experiment on BABIES.)

    Loud and clear, even to passers-by, this event showed that we are no longer in a landscape divided at pro-life / pro-choice. Even the pro-choice students who wandered over to ask what we were protesting expressed horror at the flagrant disregard for human dignity.

    What was the most valuable takeaway in all of this for Massachusetts?

    It gave me a vivid view of what our state will look like for women if the “R.O.E.” Act is passed. 

    S.1209 (“R.O.E.”) will no not require basic medical standards of safety for the women having the 3 to 4 day late-term abortion procedure. These grisly labor-and-delivery-of-a-dead-child surgeries will be performed outside of hospitals under “R.O.E.” 

    I encountered a firsthand witness to the fallout of these policies in San Francisco. He is an attorney, whose client is the mother of Keisha, a woman who waited over 17 hours for proper medical care after her late-term abortion left baby parts in her womb. She ultimately died of sepsis -- and the incredible negligence of so-called women’s healthcare providers in outpatient abortion facilities.

    This attorney is currently prosecuting the abortion doctors and outpatient abortion facilities in New Mexico for over 17 women’s deaths and countless injuries because of the gross negligence of their laws -- which right now do exactly what “R.O.E.” would do here -- has countless other incidents documented as well.

    This event, and these facts are critical to your communication with your legislator, and the Joint Committee on the Judiciary (find their contact information here and submit your testimony to Chair Claire Cronin).

    My pro-choice friends and I agree: The "ROE" Act is no ROE v. Wade. Where the Supreme Court decision recognizes a state interest in the life of a viable child, and (after the first trimester) recognizes a state interest in seeing that abortions are given the same attention as other surgeries (at least), the ROE Act would remove the current hedges separating “legal” abortion from an actual back-alley abortion.

    So why are legislators and pro-abortion lobbies pushing this in Massachusetts?

    An attorney in New Mexico dealing with the human fallout from late-term abortion cases there pulled these key points for us as we scrolled through page upon page of emergency assistance calls and death statements from non-hospital abortion facilities:


    -- Outpatient clinics reduce overhead by reducing life-saving medical equipment.

    -- Outpatient clinics do not need to have a doctor perform the procedure (or one with hospital privileges).

    -- Outpatient clinics do not hold patients for monitoring as hospitals do.

    -- Outpatient clinics send women home carrying a dead or dying full-term baby, effectively leaving her at risk for sepsis, hemorrhage, etc., with no medical attention near to hand


    No matter what end of the ideological spectrum we stand on, we can unite to oppose privileging ease of access over safety, risky abortion over healthcare, and profit over people’s lives, dignity, and well-being. Share these facts with the Joint Committees, and your family and friends -- pro-life or pro-choice.

    San Francisco has a political climate similar to Massachusetts in some ways. New Mexico has an abortion extremism that could be Massachusetts in a few years. 

    They both have dead children being sold for their body parts, and women dying too often from reduction in the medical standards of care.

    Let’s learn from both: Massachusetts citizens, get out there and lobby the Joint Committee on the Judiciary against the ROE Act. This isn’t about abortion access or removal of access, as ROE Act proponents have tried to say. It is about removal of care, safety, and a pushing for profit from organizations that make money on procedures that hurt women, and kill preborn people.

    *SB 24 (CA) would require campus health services at all 34 public campuses throughout the state — 11 under the University of California system and 23 under the California State system -- to make available "abortion by medication techniques," which involves a regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol.


    *The ROE Act would remove the requirement that a doctor have life-supporting medical equipment on-hand for both humans involved in an abortion. This bill even eliminates language recognizing that a woman and child are the relevant patients in an abortion.


    *New Mexico is a case in point. You can read testimony from expert late-term abortionists from the ongoing court case in Albuquerque, wherein over 25 women are recorded dead from outpatient late-term abortions.

  • 3 Ways Walking (for Life) Benefits You and Saves Lives

    Are you wondering: Why go walk for life Saturday? 


    During the Civil Rights era, walking was the walk, and talk came after. Love is the only answer to the lie that women need violence to obtain equality.  Killing is not care. So what is? 

    Love is a positive, not a negative reaction; and not just a label of pro-life that I pin on my sleeve.

     In his speech, "Walk for Freedom", Martin Luther King Jr. stated, "Love must be at the forefront of our movement if it is to be a successful movement. And when we speak of love, we speak of understanding, good will toward all men. We speak of a creative, a redemptive sort of love, so that as we look at the problem, we see that the real tension is not between the Negro citizens and the white citizens of Montgomery, but it is a conflict between justice and injustice [...]"

    Our real tension is not between the people who label themselves pro-life or pro-choice. Our real tension lies in the conflict between commitment to love, or commitment to fear and violence, and the cycle of abuse.

    So why walk this Saturday?

    Because the power of presence is a power greater than any statement of fact, and any argument. It's the power of presence -- not argument or counseling -- that makes Planned Parenthood's no-show rate skyrocket to 70%+ when someone is simply standing on the sidewalk during abortion hours. Because presence is love. I'm here for you, is a statement that your life matters and has dignity. And that can only be acted; it cannot just be talked.

    When I go out to walk for life, or to sidewalk counsel, I often speak to a fellow millennial who is pro-choice.

    More often than not, we agree: Violence isn't how you solve problems. Equality can't be based in violence. Freedom can't be based in violence.

    Abortion is violently dangerous to women subjected to it; and terminally dangerous on every level to the in-utero child subjected to it. But violence you don't see, or know about, is hard to oppose. That's why dialogue, and walks, make a difference.


    Walks provide us, and our communities, with three integral ingredients for success in saving lives and changing society:


    -- Break from isolation: Every movement for justice has had to unite at a massive level to oppose and expose systemic violence and injustice.

    -- Break into the wider community: Every movement for human rights has had to reach, re-educate, and relate to the community at large.

    -- Break the chain: Every movement for truth and restoration has had to break an entrenched system of thought and action rooted in a lie, and replace it with bonds of freedom and love. Your walk is a concrete way to re-forge relationships on the basis of love, not violence; openness, not fear; hope, not despair.



    This weekend, do something that...


    1. Connects you with a like-minded community that puts love in action into action for the preborn, women, the vulnerable and marginalized
    2. Introduces you to the positive resources in your region for women facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies
    3. Demonstrates to the wider area and state the massive, loving, visible presence of the movement for human rights in the womb, and out of it, defying stereotypes



    Walk with me in Western Mass.

    For the preborn.

    For the women.

    For yourself.

    Because we all suffer in a society based in violence; and we all deserve a world built in love and justice, free from violence.




  • Abortion Rates Drop 24% in Massachusetts; Largest Decrease Recorded

    Abortion rates have declined in the state of Massachusetts by 24% (2011-2018)

    While abortion proponents, including Planned Parenthood's research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, propose various reasons for the steep decline, one obvious foundation for a drop in abortion is left out.

    Women are receiving the support they need, and thus don't feel coerced into terminating a child.

    This record-breaking drop in abortion could also be related to the growth and expansion of pregnancy resource centers, as well as a wider spread cultural shift that has more and more access to positive media, visual aids to the what humans look like, developing in-utero, and a millennial ethos that shies away from violence.

    Massachusetts has opened 3-6 new pregnancy resource centers since this study began, including ClearWay Clinics in Worcester and Springfield.

    Read more

  • Seeking Peace, Protecting Life: Weekly Thoughts from MCFL's President

    Our president reflects on the attitude and actions we to need to create a culture based in relationship, valuing the humanity of the other, no matter the cost. Foundational to ending violence is a proactive personal commitment to generosity and peace.


    by Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL President


    How is it they live in such harmony, the billions of stars, when most men can barely go a minute without declaring war in their minds? ― Thomas Aquinas


    I spent the summer before my senior year of high school as an exchange student in Japan. When I arrived, my host family gave me a choice between two weekend destinations that we could visit at the end of my stay: the beach or Hiroshima. 

    Now, if you’ve spent each of your 17 years in Minnesota, with its countless, albeit beautiful, lakes, hanging out on the exotic sands of Okinawa is a no brainer. After all, I reasoned, I was on vacation; I preferred the thought of lounging comfortably. Plus, the prospect of being an American in Hiroshima wasuncomfortable. 

    Yet as my return trip to the U.S. approached, I changed my mind. I’d find comfort back home soon enough, I thought. So the week before I left, we embarked on a road trip to Hiroshima: my non English-speaking host parents, their teenage daughter, and me.

    Read more

  • Doctor prescribed suicide gives doctors the right to kill

    Doctor Prescribed Suicide does not give patients the right to die; it gives doctors the right to kill

    By Dr. Mark Rollo, Board of Directors, MCFL

    Giving doctors the right to kill is dangerous.

    Take Kate Cheney for instance.  She was an eighty five year old Oregonian with terminal cancer.  Her daughter, Erika, brought Kate to her physician to ask about assisted suicide.  However, Kate had mild dementia and her physician refused to prescribe suicide pills because he felt she lacked the capacity to understand the process.

    Erika then engaged in "doctor shopping."  She took her mother to see a psychiatrist who rejected the request for assisted suicide on the same grounds as the former doctor, saying that Kate lacked the ability to weigh options about assisted suicide. The psychiatrist noted that Erika seemed coercive.

    Undeterred, Erika continued to shop and took her mother to an “ethicist” at the HMO who determined that Kate was cognitively able to request suicide pills. Thus, poison was prescribed despite the obvious conflict of interest.  You see, Kate would no longer be an expense for the HMO if she were dead. After initial reluctance, Kate consumed the suicide cocktail. She had just spent a week in a nursing home, alone.

    Kate is one of many people in Oregon who have been steered toward suicide.  This has been documented in the New England Journal of Medicine where patients doctor-shopped for suicide until they got what they wanted . . . . or what their family wanted for them.

    It is estimated that about 10% of the elderly in Massachusetts are subject to abuse.  Doctor prescribed suicide is the perfect recipe for carrying out that abuse while simultaneously saving money for the health insurance carrier and providing the lure of a quick inheritance to family members.

    All patients have the right to refuse care and take advantage of palliative care or hospice.  Doctor prescribed suicide is different. This act corrupts medicine by making the doctor, who should be committed to healing, complicit in killing.

    Doctor prescribed suicide is dangerous indeed.  

    Who would be the first Kate Cheney of Massachusetts to die at the hands of a “healer?”  

    Bills that are before the Massachusetts joint committee on public health, S.1208 and H. 1926; “An act relative to end of life options,” would fuel elder abuse in Massachusetts and must be defeated.


    Mark J Rollo, MD


  • Atlantic Features "Anti-Abortion Advocate," Lila Rose

    The Atlantic: You’ve said that there’s never any medical reason for abortion. I wonder if, having gone through some of those tests yourself and been in the vulnerable position of having the ultrasound, you would soften or think differently about the kinds of decisions parents might be making in those situations, where they want to have a happy, healthy baby, but there’s some medical situation where it seems like that’s impossible, and abortion is the route they feel they have to take medically and morally?

    So begins a key section of the recent article published by The Atlantic, which profiles Lila Rose, the founder and president of national pro-life investigative organization, Live Action.  The thorough interview prints Lila's strong voice with surprising consistency: her words opposing the violent act of abortion, her words exposing the predatory nature of Planned Parenthood, and her words beautifully describing the necessity for support and respect for women.

    But we want to highlight this section, because it speaks directly to the unnecessary and dangerous provisions in the proposed bills S.1209/H.3320 (currently being reviewed by the Judiciary Committee) regarding so-called "fetal abnormality."

    Said Lila, in reply to the above quote: If anything, it strengthens my complete opposition to seeing a less-than-healthy baby as less than precious. Abortion is not a medical treatment. It doesn’t make a baby healthier, it doesn’t make a woman healthier. It just kills. (emphasis added)

    If my child were to face a life-threatening diagnosis or some sort of disability, my child deserves just as much love from me and my husband. And I hope that our society can be one of compassion and love and advocacy, as opposed to believing it would be better that you died, which is, unfortunately, the way a lot of our health-care system is set up right now for babies before birth.

    The Atlantic: [ But we may be ]talking about conditions, especially those diagnosed later in pregnancy, where, for example, the brain is growing outside of the baby’s head. That’s something that doctors might term as being incompatible with life—there’s no way for a baby to live after it exits the womb. In that scenario, do you think it’s wrong or inconceivable that a family or an expecting mother might feel like she has to have an abortion?

    Lila: [...], she doesn’t have to have an abortion. If your baby has a life-threatening condition like hydrocephalus—if there’s water on the brain, or the brain is developing outside of the baby’s body—there have been babies that have been born that way, or surgeries that have been done that have allowed that baby to live a year or two or even longer. Often a baby like that can die during delivery or minutes after birth. But there is a tremendous difference morally, and I think personally, for the bond between parents and a child to intentionally destroy a human life, and to love that child in his or her last moments when they’re dying naturally.

    As we delve deeper into the action and activity of this year, and the powerful statements our members have made by suiting up and showing up to rallies and hearings, we could not find a more appropriate piece of media to reflect our theme.
    This is love in action
    Read the entire interview on the The Atlantic's web page: "A conversation with the anti-abortion activist Lila Rose."
    We also suggest using the great material in this piece for creating a testimony to submit to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary in opposition to the so-called "R.O.E" Act, S.1209/H.3320. You can find committee contact information here

  • published Expect to Shine a Winning Light for Life in In The News 2019-07-03 17:36:22 -0400

    Expect to Shine a Winning Light for Life

    By Myrna Maloney Flynn, MCFL President 

    The year after Roe v. Wade, a blue-collar couple in their 40s was struggling to raise six kids, the youngest 11, when they learned the woman was pregnant. After Mass one day, a friend chided them, saying, “You know, there’s something you can do now.”

    I’m Myrna Maloney Flynn. I’m here today because my parents knew the truth and gave me my life. I want to dedicate it to shining light on that truth to save others’ lives.

    Every step I’ve taken in the last three decades has prepared me to successfully assume the MCFL presidency now. I studied communications and political science. I hold a master’s degree in teaching. I’ll soon have an MBA.

    I’ve lived in Japan and India, so I’ve observed the cultural value of human life from vastly different perspectives. I taught high school in the Bronx, where I witnessed teen motherhood and minors who had abortions. I developed a thick skin while cold calling as a sales rep and an even sturdier spine as a TV reporter. I’ve helped lift startup companies off the ground, led successful nonprofit fundraisers, and sailed past development goals at community events. For the past five years, I’ve held leadership positions in higher education -- an industry, widely known to support abortion rights, that forced me to speak for those who cannot.

    I am blessed to have a husband of 16 years, who has become one of my closest pro-life advisors. We thank God each day for our four children.

    I self-nominated for a seat on MCFL’s board and was elected last year. Since then, I’ve been invited to participate in nearly all aspects of MCFL’s internal operations and have leveraged my role as director before external audiences as well. In March, I was unanimously elected vice president, an honor and opportunity that I determinedly made the most of.

    • I’ve re-established ties with key pro-life advocates in western Mass., resulting in a new list of 150 contacts and the first pro-life club at Amherst College
    • I’ve taken on the role of spokesperson, representing MCFL in the media, before Anti-fascists at our March for Life, testifying at last week’s S.1209 hearing, delivering remarks at the State House rally and at Northampton’s City Council Meeting; and creatively appealing to our members at events and online
    • I’ve forged a relationship with MassGOP and the leadership at MFI, Renew MA, SBA List and the Charlotte Lozier Institute  
    • I hosted MCFL’s first-ever Northampton rally, in a bitterly cold rain, among that city’s numerous and vocal pro-choice residents
    • Crazy, yes. But it served the purpose of getting Senator Comerford’s attention as well as a meeting with her
    • You can read about that in the new magazine issue, which I helped produce
    Read more

  • published Lobby Your Legislator on Social Media in In The News 2019-07-01 13:09:33 -0400

    Lobby Your Legislator on Social Media

    When you think of lobbying, you probably think of State House halls, formal letters, or official meetings scheduled in offices or quiet restaurants. But what you may not know is that nearly every one of your legislators now has an active presence on social media, and their Facebook and Twitter accounts are as valid and impactful a meeting ground as their offices.

    In fact, sometimes, social media causes a greater impact than a formal letter these days, because on social media, one message may not just reach your representative or senator. One message may reach your entire district.

    And that kind of reach is a reality every politician watches like a hawk.

    Here are the easy steps to finding, reaching, and engaging your legislator online. Double your lobbying efforts by reaching out via social media, bring your fellow state citizens to the conversation, and raise awareness of the laws and proposed laws threatening or supporting human lives in Massachusetts.


    1. Do you know who your representatives are? Who your senator is? If not, start here: Plug in Your Address and Receive Your Legislators' Full Contact Information (click here to search).

    2. Do you have FaceBook? If so, take the names of your representatives to your FaceBook toolbar, and type them in. 

    It should look like this in your browser.


    3. Do you have Twitter? If so, take the names of your senator or representatives and type them into the search bar on your Twitter feed.


    If your senator or representative has an account, it should show up like this in your browser:


    Click on the name in the search results, then select follow. Now, you can either tweet at them, or send them a direct message.

    Read more

  • MA Opposes S.1209: Bad Healthcare is Bad Healthcare

    In the next few weeks, we will be running a series of citizen responses to the so-called "R.O.E." Act (S.1209/H.3320). From longtime pro-choice voters and longtime pro-life proponents, and from those in-between and on-the-fence, these letters and remarks show a startling consensus in opposing this badly prepared and dangerous legislation. 



    [ To my fellow citizens and to our legislators ]

    I had the privilege of sitting in the hearing before the Judiciary Committee on the ROE Act/S1209/H3320 on Monday, June 17. There was an impressive turnout on both sides for supporting and opposing this... bill [sic] before the legislature. 

    I am a retired newborn ICU/labor and delivery nurse, and adoptive mother of two. I have, in the past, sat on the sidelines of the abortion issue trying to respect a woman’s personal choice.

    However, after hearing of New York’s [extreme] new abortion law, I have left my “comfort zone” to become educated and involved on this very emotional issue. There are many components to this new proposed legislation now coming to Massachusetts that appear, in my opinion, to be anything but health care!  [The text] can be found on the massgov.org website: S1209/H3320 or on masscitizensforlife.org

    A number of aspects of this proposed legislation appear to remove safeguards such as permission by a parent for minors. There is no recognition of the human person/baby/infant growing within the womb or provision for [an infant] born alive [during late-term abortions]*. The "R.O.E" Act would eliminate compulsory hospital-based abortions for second and third-trimester pregnancies when the risk for complications is greatest! It was unclear who, if anyone, would be responsible for inspections and/or licensing of the abortion facilities – just to mention a few. 

    I left with too many questions and concerns regarding the "R.O.E." Act. This is a hastily contrived bill where nothing I heard before the committee at the State House convinced me that the [proposed law] is in the best interest of women’s health. Let us move cautiously so that we do not put women at risk. 

    Elizabeth Knox



    *according to former abortionists, a common occurrence when the baby is viable post-23 or 24 weeks.


  • BREAKING: Fitchburg Planned Parenthood Shuts Down


    This past week, the abortuary in Fitchburg run by Planned Parenthood and forty miles outside Boston, closed. 

    Despite raucous claims of being a key provider of women's healthcare in Massachusetts and beyond, this facility and most others serve to perform abortions. Inconvenient? Not to the women and children who enter Planned Parenthood looking for care, and get a sales pitch for killing their preborn son or daughter. Yet in hearings on S1209/H3320 ("An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Access to Abortion In MA"), NARAL and Planned Parenthood representatives repeatedly decried the restrictions and hardships involved for women desperately seeking abortions in the state.

    This is why, they argued, we need to legalize abortion up-to-birth for any reason, remove parental consent for minors seeking abortion, and cut the part of our law that ensures women are treated in hospitals by an MD during the grueling sometimes 3-day late-term abortion procedure.

    But are adults obstacles?

    In a state with perhaps the best healthcare in the nation, and leading healtchare in the world, are hospitals obstacles?

    Not obstacles to the safety of our women, or of our girls. 

    But both are obstacles to Planned Parenthood's profit margin, since abortions form the majority of their services and cash-flow.

    Read more