Act now! Prevent school children's exposure to abortion curriculum

This Thursday, February 29, the Massachusetts Senate will vote on the pro-abortion sexual education curriculum called "An Act relative to healthy youth" (S.2686, formerly Bill S.268). If signed into law, schools that teach sex-ed to their students will be required to incorporate content that any reasonable person would find concerning, let alone appropriate or beneficial to young children and teens. Here are a few key points you need to know about this legislation:

1) Loss of Parental and Local Control: Bill S.2686 establishes the "Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework" as the sole standard for compliance with the law, depriving parents and local communities of the ability to determine content that aligns with their values.

2) Biased Curriculum: The Framework promotes an abortion-centric viewpoint, lacking balance by not adequately addressing prenatal development and failing to detail abortion alternatives.

3) Lack of Parental Notification: Bill S.2686 lacks adequate provisions for parental notification regarding student exposure to the content.

4) Encouragement of Secrecy: The bill inadvertently encourages minors to keep secrets from their parents regarding access to birth control and abortion.

5) Imposition of Gender Ideology: The bill mandates the inclusion of topics related to gender identity and sexual orientation.

Please let your senator and representative know that you oppose this bill! Take action now, via our Legislative Action Center, where you can quickly send them a pre-written message; you are also able to revise our suggested language.  

If you prefer, leave a voice message. You'll find your Legislator here.

Thank you for taking five minutes to make your opinion known. Every voice matters on this! Parents and their children are counting on us today. 


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