2022 Elections and MCFL Scorecard

Below you will find helpful voting information for the primary and general elections. You will also find a list of the candidates running for various state offices throughout Massachusetts in 2022 as well as those candidates who have been endorsed by the MCFL State PAC and the MCFL Fed PAC (endorsements made by the MCFL Fed PAC are specifically for federal elections and indicated with a star *).

If you have any questions about your specific ballot or candidates, feel free to reach out to your MCFL team at [email protected].

Essential voting info:

  • Register to vote: If you are not already registered to vote you can do so by, clicking here. To check you voter registration status, click here
  • Mail voting: Under the new election law, all registered voters may now vote by mail without an excuse. Voters who haven’t already requested an absentee or mail ballot will be mailed an application in September for the general election.
  • Early in-person voting: Vote early at your local election office or another early voting site from Aug. 27 through Sept. 2 for the primary and Oct. 22 through Nov. 4 for the general election.
  • In-person voting on Election Day: The primary is Tuesday, Sept. 6; the general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8. All polls must be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. but some may open earlier. Check here to determine where you are supposed to vote on election say: Where do I vote on election day?

Redistricting: Do you know what district live in?

New district maps were drawn for the 2022 election, which means you may now live in a different district than you did in the 2020 elections. Do you know what district you live in? If you are unsure, here is a helpful website that will give you accurate information: My District. Click Here.


Candidates for State Office:

Please note that "(I)" following a candidates names indicates he or she is the present incumbent and currently holding the position.


Lt. Governor:

Attorney General:

Secretary of State:



Representative in Congress

(*Endorsements made specifically for Congressional races were made by the MCFL Fed PAC):

Governor's Council:

State Senate:

State House of Representatives:

District Attorney: