UPDATE: "ROE" Act VETOED by Baker; Senate Votes This Morning



Look up your senator at this link: http://malegislature.gov/search/findmylegislator


Governor Charlie Baker vetoed H.5179 on Christmas Eve

This week, it returned to the House of Representatives, where it originated. The House overrode the governor's veto. What we need you to do is email, call, and send social media messages to your state senator, and to at least two others on the list here  asking them to sustain the veto. While messages from constituents will make the largest impact, we need ALL Massachusetts citizens to continue to email and call their senators.


 --Thank you all who called the below representatives tirelessly this last week urging them to stand with courage for the lives our little ones and women.

We we will be providing a roll-call vote record when we have it, showing how your representatives voted on the veto. You can then choose to vote these men or women out of office. This is the original list, linked here. 

These men and women have committed to upholding the rights of our fellow citizens, and creating just and life-affirming laws. An elitist, out-of-touch legislature is not a just governing body; we look forward to removing the men and women from office who have not voted to protect life in our state.