Pro-life victory: Illinois State barred from enforcing law targeting free speech in pregnancy centers

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul has agreed to permanently halt the enforcement of a law (SB 1909) that labeled pro-life speech as "deceptive" and considered sharing certain abortion information as "fraud."

Represented by the Thomas More Society, pro-life organizations secured the victory with a Joint Motion, including full attorney's fees recovery. The outcome is significant for pro-life ministries and free speech in Illinois, serving as a warning to other states considering discriminatory laws. The court had previously issued a preliminary injunction in August 2023, temporarily blocking SB 1909 enforcement. This latest development solidifies protection for pro-life organizations from what was deemed an unconstitutional law.

"(...)This is a huge win not only for NIFLA and our wonderful attorneys at the Thomas More Society but especially for pregnancy centers in the state, who serve the thousands of women in Illinois who are facing unplanned pregnancies—all at no cost," stated Thomas Glessner, Founder and President of NIFLA.

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