The life-changing impact of Boston's Pregnancy Center on a Massachusetts woman

In a heartfelt piece for The Federalist, Marie Smith from Braintree, Massachusetts, shares how the Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices became her lifeline during challenging times.

At 20, homeless and pregnant, Marie initially felt abortion was her only option. Encouraged by her cousin, a Boston Center employee, she applied for their program. Welcomed without judgment, Marie found support that contrasted sharply with a previous encounter at Planned Parenthood.

The center not only provided practical assistance but also empowered Marie through parenting classes and emotional support. When faced with an unexpected second pregnancy, the Center stepped in again, helping her overcome financial difficulties.

Marie Smith story stands as a testament to the life-changing impact Pregnancy Resource Centers of Massachusetts can have on women's lives (and their children).

The Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices (BCPC) is a member of the Pregnancy Care Alliance of Massachusetts (PCAll), an affiliate of Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

Diane O'Toole, BCPC Executive Director and PCAll Co-Founder, stated: "We are women helping women, offering hope and help during challenging circumstances."