James Bopp Jr. on the best ways to advocate for the unborn

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 07:00 PM


Zoom Webinar

7:00 PM Tuesday, September 19: James Bopp, Jr.

Best ways to advocate for the unborn

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, returning the issue of abortion to the states and their elected representatives, the pro-life movement has encountered notable victories along with heart wrenching losses. Debate has arisen over which legislation will best serve women in crisis pregnancies and, ultimately, protect unborn life. And as the 2024 election approaches, it is more critical than ever for pro-lifers to craft a winning strategy and communicate it effectively -- communicate truth effectively -- and with the compassion that serves as our foundation.

Pro-abortion forces have our recent wins in the crosshairs. The stakes have never been higher.

Join us for an enlightening, thought-provoking and motivational MCFL Virtual Speaker Series Zoom webinar featuring James Bopp, Jr., a distinguished attorney renowned for his expertise in biomedical issues, including abortion and the rights of the unborn. With a remarkable track record of successes in the U.S. Supreme Court and a deep involvement in campaign finance, First Amendment law, and medical ethics, Bopp brings unparalleled insights to the table.

In this event titled "James Bopp, Jr. on the Best Ways to Advocate for the Unborn," he will dig into effective strategies for championing the rights of the unborn, drawing from his extensive legal and ethical experience.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with a legal luminary and gain valuable insights into advocating for the unborn. Save the date and secure your spot now.

About our speaker

James Bopp, Jr., is an attorney and scholar whose law practice concentrates on the biomedical issues of abortion, foregoing and withdrawing life-sustaining medical treatment and assisted suicide, on not-for-profit corporate and tax law, on campaign finance and election law, and on First Amendment litigation and Supreme Court practice. Bopp has held key roles, including General Counsel for the National Right to Life Committee, and has actively shaped legal and ethical discussions through publications and advisory committee work.

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