Heartbeats, air quotes and you

An assault occurred on Beacon Hill yesterday, and it was ugly. During a hearing before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, one participant after another attacked truth while testifying in the name of choice.

Just when I thought I'd heard it all, abortion rights supporters outdid themselves with claims so eye-popping that you have to hear them for yourself. I'd just advise you to avoid this nauseating rhetoric if you're about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner. Those testimonies related to S. 1114 An Act enhancing access to abortion care begin at about 1:32 in the video. (You can see our testimonies supporting S. 1783 An Act relative to abortion pill reversal: informed consent at 1:24.)

The clear winner in the afternoon's contest to deny women the choice abortion advocates champion: a representative from Indivisible Mass Coalition, seething because some pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) use ultrasound machines to detect a . . . heartbeat -- the rep used exaggerated air quotes as she spoke that word, and others. Apparently, scorning reality with verbal condescension alone is useless without a nonverbal counterpart. Her testimony is about 2:26 minutes into the video. 

As one courageous homeschooling mom said during her beautifully impassioned testimony, the world is upside down. We need to turn it right side up again. And, with your help, Content, I'm confident that we will.

Next week, we will participate in Giving Tuesday, an annual opportunity to support nonprofit organizations. Want to drown delusion with a flood of truth? Then please give what you can this year to Massachusetts Citizens for Life and to our affiliate, the Pregnancy Care Alliance of Massachusetts.

Last year on Giving Tuesday, MCFL invited our partners to fund the printing and distribution of our new fetal development booklets. Because of an outstanding response, we've succeeded in getting these factual resources into the hands of students across the state. We also shipped thousands of free copies to PRCs, so women experiencing crisis pregnancies are informed about the biology of their children, heartbeats and all. 

Our counselors absolutely love the new fetal development books. They find that if the woman is too early in her pregnancy to see very much on an ultrasound, they use the booklet as a supplement. They really review the information and are amazed by the imagery. Thank you so much for providing us with this very valuable tool to help moms and dads save the lives of their babies.

Abundant Hope Pregnancy Resource Center
Attleboro, MA

This year, we aim to build on this success by expanding our educational efforts through the distribution of fetal model sets. Imagine the impact of placing these concrete representations of life within school biology classrooms, religious education sites, homeschooling networks, pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, churches and more. These fetal models will complement our booklets, providing a tangible and engaging way for individuals to understand and appreciate the wonder of human development. Each set costs more than $300, which is prohibitive for small organizations. With your help, MCFL will make sure that any nonprofit that wants a set will receive one at no cost. 

Your support is crucial to making this vision a reality. Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a meaningful difference. Plus, your gift is tax-deductible, making it a win-win for both you and the cause you believe in.

Will you stand with us and contribute to our educational initiatives this Giving Tuesday? We need your help to counter the misinformation spread by the pro-abortion lobby and foster a culture that values and protects life.

To make your most generous gift, simply follow this secure link: https://www.masscitizensforlife.org/giving_tuesday_2023

On behalf of the MCFL staff, I wish you a very happy and air quote-free Thanksgiving. Thank you, as always, for being at our side as we build a culture of life.

With humble gratitude,


P.S. - Abortion Pill Reversal can save a baby's life, if her mom changes her mind after starting a chemical abortion. Learn APR updates at our December 6 webinar with Dr. Christina Francis, president & CEO of the American Association of Pro Life OBGYNs.



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