You know that the pro-life cause is right and you know why.  You’ve done your research but when the time comes to organize your arguments and make a pro-life point, the right words won’t come–especially when you’re debating against an adult.

MCFL is here to help. We’ve organized some of the most common anti-life arguments and some great answers to them. Now, you don’t have to be quick on your feet with a fresh argument, all you need to do is put a few of these in your mental toolbox. Knowing a few stock replies will give you the time, skills, and confidence to warm up your mental engines and bring your knowledge and research to the argument.

THEY SAY:  It’s not a human being; it’s just a blob of tissue.

YOU SAY:  When a woman is pregnant, science tells us that the new life she carries is a completely and fully new human being from the moment of fertilization. The baby living in her mother is as distinct and unique a separate person as I am from you. This human being has the unalienable right to life and deserves full protection under the law. To claim a fetus is not a human is similar to claiming that an tadpole is another species from the frog that fathered it.

THEY SAY:  Abortion should be legal to save the life of the mother.

YOU SAY:  Do you mean the LIFE of the mother of the HEALTH of the mother?  Any pregnancy, even a normal one, might have a negative effect on a woman’s health. The circumstances in which a mother’s life will be threatened, however, are actually quite limited. Furthermore, their is no circumstance in which the life of the mother is threatened where the life of the child is not. All possible efforts must be made to save both lives but as the child will die if the mother dies, preservation of the mother’s life must receive primacy.

THEY SAY:  Abortion must remain legal to deal with cases of rape and incest.

YOU SAY:  If we accept that direct abortion takes an innocent life, there is no moral justification for it even in extreme cases. Rape is a terrible crime, as is incest. The horror of the crime, however, cannot authorize an expansion of the punishment to those not involved in its commission. The children of rape or incest had nothing to do with the original crime and, in some ways, could themselves be viewed as secondary victims.

Whether the death penalty ought to apply in cases of rape and incest is a public policy debate that might be worth having. Everyone should agree, however, that even if this penalty applies to the criminal, it cannot apply to a child resulting from the crime who is entirely innocent of any wrong doing.

Finally, it is important to note that pregnancies resulting from rape or incest are quite rare. It has often been said that hard cases make bad law, and so we should not make rules that apply to a large population based on problems that affect an extremely small population. Remember, lives are at stake.

THEY SAY:  Abortion is a woman’s choice. This country is all about individual liberty and choice. Who are you to restrict freedom?

YOU SAY:  Firstly, the thing that has historically set this country apart is neither freedom or individual liberty but the Rule of Law which makes true freedom possible. The Rule of Law implies equal protection under the law. Simply put, equal protection means that your rights end where another’s begin. Freedom cannot mean the freedom to victimize others for our convenience. Choice cannot mean the choice to hurt anyone we want.

Abortion stops the beating heart of a helpless unborn child because it threatens to upset someone’s lifestyle.

Law and justice are essential to the American system. The world of unlimited choice advocated by pro-abortion elements is one where the strong can do what ever they want and the weak pay the price. That’s not my America and it shouldn’t be yours either.

Another important point is that many women are coerced into having abortions by parents or abusive partners. Are these women enjoying the choice promised by pro-abortion leaders and politicians?

To learn more about how language is used by pro-abortion activists and what you can do to counter their tactics CLICK HERE.

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