We Will Have Our Dunkirk (And That’s a Good Thing)

Dunkirk movie poster

By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

The following article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of the MCFL News magazine, a perk of membership mailed out quarterly to all members.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Sir Winston Churchill 

We just saw the movie, Darkest Hour. Hitler is finishing devouring Europe. England’s entire army is trapped in France, which is going to surrender to the Germans at any minute. Churchill, in spite of his clear vision internationally, has a series of blunders in past government service. His party wants peace at any price. 

You know the story of Dunkirk. Churchill’s position had already reminded me of ours as we fight seemingly endless odds. The shot of the hundreds of little boats crossing back and forth on the rough English Channel, saving 300,000 soldiers, reminded me even more forcefully of us. 

Looking back, I think one could make the case that Dunkirk was a – or the – deciding factor in the final defeat of evil. If the British army had been destroyed, the US most likely would not have entered the war and Hitler would have ruled Europe. 

I am sure we have had or will have our Dunkirk – perhaps the game-changing debate that the partial-birth abortion ban generated, perhaps the defeat of the Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Ballot Question in 2012, or perhaps something right down the road or more distant. Whatever it is, when people look back they will recognize it. We are defeating evil just as Hitler was defeated. 

The anti-life people make it hard for themselves.

 1) They have taken an unnatural position in claiming to know what is best for others and claiming to solve people’s problems by eliminating the people. The more obvious this becomes, the less support they have. 

It is natural – indeed a biological necessity – for the adults of a species to ensure the survival of the species. The proportions of babies’ faces are created to be most appealing to adults. Yet I have seen pro-abortion activists move away from a smiling baby. 

With the exciting California case before the Supreme Court (read about our amicus brief in Dwight Duncan’s article on page 12 of the Spring 2018 issue of our Member Magazine), I am reminded of the similar McCullen v Coakley, “Buffer Zone” case. The evening of the testimony before the Supreme Court, all the plaintiffs were in DC, so I went on the Emily Rooney Show. My fellow guest was a law professor who was a member of the Board of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. The program showed many of their problems. 

2) They believe their own propaganda. On the way into the studio, the producer gave me a serious lecture on how to behave, not to be violent or interrupt. As the technician was putting on my microphone, he gave me the same lecture. When I thought about it, I realized they actually believed I was a violent person because I was pro-life. 

3) They have been allowed to get away with sloppy thinking. The professor had arrived late, was greeted by the crew by name, and grabbed the center seat on the set. She thought she could simply throw around the usual libelous insults and put downs. I had had the opportunity to listen in on a Federalist Society briefing about the hearings so I was able to say, “Oh, but Justice so and so said …” and “The witness for the Massachusetts Attorney General admitted that…”. I had the facts and was able to use them. 

4) It is normal procedure for them not to follow the rules. After the show, I was trying to ask her about the facilities that were unlicensed and uninspected. She said that, of course, they would get away with what they could. 

5) They have been treated as the “experts”. When we testify at the State House in favor of our bills which would require licensing and inspection of abortion facilities, the lawyers for the facilities tell the legislators that would impinge on a woman’s right to an abortion because those facilities would have to close and women would have to travel too far. Well, if those facilities would have to close, then they must not be safe for women. No one questions this “reasoning” and they seem fine with women going to facilities which would not pass inspection, which brings me to their next problem. 

6) Abortion is a sacred rite which ensures the woman a dead baby. After Roe v Wade, I remember thinking that, if we could develop enough artificial wombs, the babies would be saved. Recently lambs have developed successfully in artificial wombs. The abortion activists have greeted that news with horror. Apparently not being pregnant isn’t enough. The baby must be removed from existence as though she had never been. 

7) By denying science, the pro-abortion movement has set itself up for failure. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who presided over 60,000 abortions, including aborting his own child, recognized, through scientific developments, the humanity of the unborn child, and became a leading pro-life advocate. The first time he spoke in public and showed The Silent Scream was at an MCFL Mothers’ Day Dinner. He honestly thought that other people were as intellectually honest as he and that once they recognized the humanity of the unborn child, they would oppose abortion. 

8) Speaking of science…According to the recent edition of The Atlantic, “These advances fundamentally shift the moral intuition around abortion. New technology makes it easier to apprehend the humanity of a growing child and imagine a fetus as a creature with moral status. Over the last several decades, pro-life leaders have increasingly recognized this and rallied the power of scientific evidence to promote their cause.” We have always known science was on our side. It is more and more allowing us to prove that “You can’t fool Mother Nature.” 

9) The rules are different where abortion is concerned - in education, media, government, law, or medicine. Standards which would be automatic in those areas are ignored when abortion is involved. 

10) The pro-abs are losing the young people. They despair over the fact that they worked so hard for abortion “rights” and now their children are pro-life. I have realized recently that many of the things we always knew about who has abortions, why, where, and even how, have changed dramatically. Did you know that 2/3 of abortions now take place when the baby is 6 weeks or younger? We need to bring ourselves up to date so we can continue to be effective. Plan to attend the Convention on March 24 to catch up.


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