You're Wrong If You're Not Right on This

[ The following was drafted and sent as a letter to the editor by a long time MCFL member and dedicated advocate for the vulnerable. We re-publish it with his permission. ]

There are (at least) two sides to every question. Now, with the help of my "ghost writer",  I, a preborn child, am presenting a third side. For, even though I can hug, tumble, and feel pain, I cannot put my thoughts down on paper.

Someone else has to do that for me.

On the question of abortion, which kills babies before birth, obviously, I come down on the side of life. If I could speak out loud, you would hear me say, "let me live," or "let me continue to live." For I am alive now, and this is what the debate is really about. Shall we kill innocent human beings, or should we allow them to continue to live?

So, before you vote for any candidate, ask yourself where they stand on abortion, and vote accordingly. Candidates might be right on every other issue, but wrong on abortion--then they are wrong. In November, please remember the lives of the innocent preborn are in your hands. Your decision is LIFE or DEATH. Choose life by voting for a pro-life candidate. One of the lives you save may be mine.




Richard A. Carey

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