NEWS: U.S. Letter Suggests U.N. Stop Pushing Abortion


In a recent letter to multiple United Nations member states, the United States government proposed a coalition opposing activist pro-abortion policy in the international governing body. Another clear statement from current administrative officials in U.S. government that abortion is in direct conflict with basic human rights, the letter was nonetheless scooted around media as a "rollback" and sneaky strategizing to disenfranchise women.

What most news sources have not, and will not note, is that women in many countries receiving aid from U.N. sources don't want abortion. In fact, pushing abortion not only undermines their freedom of choice -- and their health -- the act also pushes radical cultural imperialism

For example, women in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso report both that they use traditional abstinence-based natural methods to avoid pregnancy, and that they actually want 5+ children -- if they can support them.

The Population Research Institute writes of a recent survey, that mistakenly left out any form of birth control that didn't use drugs:
 "At the end of the day, population controllers really don’t care what the women of Africa want. Instead, they are determined to dictate to them what their fertility will be regardless. And it’s no wonder that they exaggerate “unmet need,” since this number is one of the principal justifications for USAID’s billion-dollar population control budget. “Look at how many hundreds of millions of women have a crying need for more contraceptives,” its lobbyists tell Congress. “We need more money.” " (African Women Turn to Natural Family Planning. Steven Mosher)

Yet the U.N., and abortion lobbyists, insist a U.S. letter to fellow member nations against evangelical abortion exportation is proof that some nations just want to restrict women's autonomy. No matter what.

The letter's text, signed by the secretary of state Mike Pompeo and health and human services secretary Alex Azar, is far from radical itself. An excerpt asks that member nations, " [...]join the United States in ensuring that every sovereign state has the ability to determine the best way to protect the unborn and defend the family as the foundational unity of society vital to children thriving and leading healthy lives.'

It goes on to describe policies that push abortion and chemical contraception as "disturbing". And they are.

For reference, the statement has been signed by the United States, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Iraq. It notes that the inclusion in U.N. policy currently to "sexual and reproductive health when in fact making directives regarding abortion cause confusion and misunderstanding”. 

If anything is common sense, part of the closing of this letter is: “ [let's] focus on terms that enjoy broad consensus among member states”. 

There may be a consensus among the elite, and the wealthy, that "we" have a right and duty to force other nations to accept the killing of their children as a contingency to basic aid, or a voice, in international affairs. But if so, that's violence on top of violence. A more believable consensus would be the one that every human being knows without an argument: killing another human is wrong, and pushing cultural norms on other nations is just one more link in the chain of violence.

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