Take Action: Prevent Censorship of Pregnancy Resource Centers in Worcester

Officials in Worcester, along with pro-abortion groups, are attempting to censor pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) that provide assistance to women and infants.

After the collective success of multiple pro-life organizations and supporters earlier this summer in Easthampton, where city council members aimed to impede the operations of PRCs, we are now seeking your assistance in Central Massachusetts.

The Worcester City Council has a scheduled meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, during which they are likely to introduce ordinances aimed at censoring PRCs in Worcester. The city is home to two such centers: Clearway Clinic and Problem Pregnancy.

Despite potential legal objections and uncertainties about their constitutionality, two proposals have been brought forth to regulate the advertising practices of these centers. These establishments, backed by pro-life activists who oppose abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, are facing biased treatment under the proposed regulations.

We urge residents of Massachusetts, regardless of their location within the state, to reach out to the Worcester City Council via phone or email to express their concerns about this critical matter.

To facilitate this, we have launched a campaign on our Legislative Action Center, enabling you to send letters and record phone calls to the members of the Worcester City Council. You can take action by sending your letter or recording your call here.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage your participation in the upcoming City Council session on Tuesday, September 12th, at 6:00 pm. This meeting holds the potential for a definitive vote by the City Council on this issue. You have the option to attend either in person or virtually. If you are a Worcester resident, your physical presence and testimony could have significant impact.

For those interested in joining the meeting via Zoom, here are the details:
Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/91727574825
Phone Number: (929) 205 6099
Access Code: 917 2757 4825

Earlier this year, Massachusetts Citizens for Life launched the Massachusetts Pregnancy Care Alliance, aimed at supporting and safeguarding pregnancy resource centers throughout Massachusetts.