MCFL Spearheads Screening of Game-Changing Pro-Life Film

What she saw changed everything.

Do you know Abby Johnson's story? Whether you answer yes or no,  have you seen it?

The soon-to-be-released film, UnPlanned, from a dynamic & wildly diverse team of creatives and activists in Hollywood tells that story -- from youngest Planned Parenthood director in history to now fierce pro-life spokeswoman.  On Thursday, February 28, our Director of Community Engagement, and one of our board members hosted an exclusive pre-screening at UMass Amherst...

Why did what Abby saw change everything for her?

Carolee, of Catholic TV and Reel to Reel, interviewed C.J. at the event: “When people come out of this film they say ‘I saw myself in Abby Johnson. I saw her heart for women.’ She went into the abortion industry and saw the reality of what the abortion industry was doing to women."

She also saw exactly what an abortion is -- and MCFL is helping bring special premiere events to locations across Massachusetts because what Abby saw "could be an absolute game-changer in our nation and state. Violence can only survive when people don't see the victim. This film shows the deep humanity of all involved. It also shows us exactly what abortion is. It turned Abby 180 degrees. It does that for every viewer who sits down to watch, if they aren't already committed to taking action to end abortion and support women and babies, they are after it."

In Amherst, the entire audience was ready to sign up for the 40 Days for Life Campaign as soon they could speak again, after the film. (The campaign was begun outside Abby's clinic, and that peaceful witness was integral to her change of heart.)

UnPlanned is a film you can't go this year without seeing. More than that, it's a film made with gentleness, as well as truth, and may very well unite pro-lifers, and pro-choicers, as we come to discover our common ground is our heart for the vulnerable. Some of us have simply never seen -- like Abby -- the smallest vulnerable party involved. Once we do, we know that planned or unplanned, that unborn life can never be wiped out in the name of an artificial equality.

"I want my whole school to see this," said G., after the film, a junior at Amherst. "What if everyone saw what Abby saw? They'd all be out on the streets saying STOP! Abortion doesn't help. It hurts. It kills."

With the extreme abortion legislation being pushed in our State House, there is no better time than now to show our fellow citizens in Massachusetts exactly what abortion looks like. (Sign the petition against this bill - SD1209 -- now here.)

MCFL, to support this event, will be coordinating theater buy-outs. We would love to have you involved! Email [email protected] if you'd like to join this effort. The film releases nationally March 29th. In an effort to be sure we  every district in our state gets a chance to see it, we're supporting red carpet premieres in targeted locations, specifically Amherst, Springfield, downtown Boston, and Worcester between March 24-28.

Join MCFL Advocates and bring a group out to the first day, March 29th at a theater near you.

(Find local showings by hitting

Invest in bringing the film, and resources, to your area! Donate here.

Let what she saw truly change everything. For life and radical inclusivity in our Commonwealth. 











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