UnPlanned Exposes Planned Parenthood, Blasts Box Office


In Boston, we premiered UnPlanned March 26th to an enthusiastic and visibly moved audience, the members of which almost filled AMC's 300-seat auditorium. The film, which follows the real-life transformation of one woman from Planned Parenthood clinic director, to fervent pro-life advocate, was a small-budget, independent venture.

Yet, as the tag-line says, What she saw changed everything.

You can now purchase UnPlanned through MCFL here, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated

to our work through UnPlanned's generous affiliate program.

In Massachusetts, where the classic storyline is human rights, human rights, human rights -- but don't dare peg pro-life on that list -- UnPlanned looked sure to vanish like Gosnell. But our screening in Springfield was also sold out. In Danvers, 40 Days for Life Boston reported:

"We were out of seats. We ended up sneaking people in anyway." Apparently, they got away with sitting on the floor.

The question was: Could it last? The abortion lobby pulls in billions of dollars in donations, government funds (our tax dollars here in MA), and sometimes $500+ per abortion they perform. The message that abortion is a woman's only lifeline saturates our media.  No matter that that message says women are weak all over it. It flies.

But people don't buy rubbish when they see the gold.

In UnPlanned, people see the humanity of the child in the womb. At the same time, they see the humanity of the abortion workers, and the vulnerability and humanity of the women, seeking help from an organization we as a society have allowed to claim as its motto, Care. No matter what.

You saw it. And you saw it again and again. Because UnPlanned leaped to 6+ million its first weekend. Not only that, it leaped from 7,000 Twitter followers, to 350,000 Followers in a few short days.

Can you change everything? With a film?

Perhaps not any film.

But perhaps seeing does change everything.

Because this film takes us beyond rhetoric, and PR. This film takes us beyond the smokescreen of euphemisms and catchphrases. This film takes us beyond parties, and the false lines we draw: Us and Them.

It no longer allows us to pit baby against mother.

Woman against man.

Abortion worker against pro-life advocate.

It pits the lie that human freedom can be bought at the price of a human life against the truth that there is no freedom, mutual respect, or equality if we buy it by killing.

It shows how one woman broke through the deception, faced her own agony, and changed.

You can change everything with a film, if that film shows the truth.


Purchase the film on DVD or digital download here and support Mass. Citizens for Life.



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