UN Tries to Enshrine Death as Part of the "Right to Life"

By C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement


A recent "general comment" by The Human Rights Council on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights has tried to define abortion, and doctor-prescribed death, as universal human rights.

This council, based in Geneva was founded to promote and protect human rights around the world. For background, a "general comment" is a UN agency’s interpretation of the provisions of the treaties to which it is a party.

"The UN Human Rights Committee has no power to create human rights,” remarks Mary Anne Glendon.

It cannot be said more forcefully: claiming abortion and suicide are “fundamental human rights" is preposterous. Ed Morrissey has rightly noted that the use of "the right to life" clause as grounds for this anti-life stance is wickedly repugnant. The going's-on of international committees often gets ignored. But this kind of push by our governing officials, nationally and internationally, should never be permitted to fly under the radar.


Tellingly, this totalitarian push comes from a council whose members include China, infamous for their one-child policy and heinous forced abortion practices. Cuba also sits on this council. No more need be said. Human rights have been shredded all through Castro's reign, and beyond. Saudi Arabia -- having just assassinated one of its detractors -- and Venezuela are also included in this meet-up of less-than-standout supporters of individual human dignity.

In the end, Glendon makes another salient point: This council's mission is not monitor human rights in the world, not administer or create them. The right to life makes the cut. The right to kill? Nope. We're sure that's a strike-out on the first at-bat.

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