Trump Versus Abortion

By Anne Fox

Avrohom Gordimer is chairman of the Rabbinic Circle at the Coalition for Jewish Values, a public policy institute reflecting traditional Jewish thought. He is also a member of the NY Bar Association. In his American Thinker article, he writes: "Trump 1, abortionists 0".

"Thank God, President Trump has moved to bar facilities that provide abortions and abortion referrals from receiving federal Title X funding. The reaction of those decrying the president's decision is revealing...

"The abortionist agenda is downright dishonest and extremely dangerous in more ways than we realize. We are grateful that President Trump is reining in the abuses, and we pray that society will one day come to its senses and submit to that which is right and true."

Gordimer's voice is a new to me and one that is heartening to read with such sensible thoughts from a new perspective.


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