Culture Column: Re-Branding Abortion, Artificial Change

by Sonja Morin, MCFL Intern

A new article from TIME attempted to illustrate the shifts in attitude surrounding abortion as demonstrated through recent film and television. It describes the more positive portrayal of abortion in media as an organic evolution of commonsense progress. It cites examples of films and television shows from the past decade, up to recent releases such as Never Rarely Sometimes Always and Saint Frances. The article poses this development as organic and predestined, laying the groundwork for women’s liberation. Unfortunately, the article gravely misread the current cultural conditions and their origins, painting a clandestine picture of events that are truly obscene and terrible at their core. 

If you recall from a previous infographic in this column, this shift has not exactly been an organic change of heart. It has been a political campaign by Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations. As they lose desperately in the legal realm with abortion promotion, they have moved more aggressively into art and culture trying to cement the greatest human rights violation of our time in the very threads of our culture. The abortion giants have quite literally bought their way into the hearts of teens and young adults. Figureheads in this movement, such as Caren Spruch, have been all too proud of these efforts, specifically naming films - such as Obvious Child - that they’ve worked on to change the narrative about abortion. Yet the article sweeps these malicious under the rug, completely ignoring what is truly going on behind the scenes. 

[Abortion is] ordinary and light and sometimes funny, and very realistic in its portrayal”. Out of all the sentences in the article, this struck me hardest. Maybe that’s how these filmmakers and pro-choice employees envision it. But this is certainly not the reality of abortion for countless women everywhere. Abortion is not a solution, but rather the amplification, of so many other problems at all levels of society, and it creates problems through the dehumanization of both women and pre-born children. They can ignore this fact in the fictional worlds they create, but it will be too late when the issue finally rears its ugly head, and it becomes too apparent that abortion has been so damaging to women and pre-born lives. 

What this article really exposed was the artificiality of the whole affair. Fictional stories are in themselves false, but they are meant to convey truths about reality. To use writing for any form of art that outright promotes harm of self or others is an act of deception, not art. It is an ignorant use of our ability to craft stories, and can be deadly. The use of it as a sole political and money-generating tool as Planned Parenthood has is deplorable. The article misses the truth of the situation in an attempt to paint the pro-choice movement as naturally succeeding, when in fact it, the abortion industry is using whatever measures it can, no matter how harmful they may be, just to survive. 

While major media outlets such as TIME choose to ignore this, they will not be able to do so for long. The movement for life is coming in strong, and is a rising force in the political and cultural spheres of our nation. Soon, and very soon, as long as we are persistent, we will see the recognition of human dignity in all aspects of our nation, especially culture. In the coming weeks, I hope to release some reviews of film and television that more accurately reflect life and human dignity. This content is pure evidence of the deep exposure of the abortion lie finally reaching every level of culture, and will hopefully be beneficial to pro-lifers stuck in quarantine during these difficult times in which we find ourselves. Keep a look out for these and more articles, and please stay strong in your defense of life as we continue to move forward in this crisis together. 

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