There’s Much to Like


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

The following article originally appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of the MCFL News magazine, a perk of membership mailed out quarterly to all members.

The English language has more words than any other language. Yet we are so deficient in some areas. We say “I love God” and “I love chocolate ice cream” and we “love” everything in between. We all learned that the ancient Greeks distinguished among agape, eros, philia, and storge (this is love of parent for child). I think they still didn’t have enough words. 

I heard a Massachusetts pro-lifer say the other day, prefacing something good that President Trump has done, “Of course I don’t like him, but...” I question: why do we have to like a president? I admire the way Queen Elizabeth does her job. Do I like her? How can I when I have never even met her? This talk in recent elections about which candidate would you rather have a beer with or bring home to dinner actually shows the paucity of civic knowledge these days. I admire John Adams immensely for representing the British soldiers, for writing the Massachusetts Constitution and so many other seminal documents, for being a good family man, etc. I doubt that I would have “liked” him if I had lived next door. One could like the policies, decisions, actions or accomplishment of a leader. Without meeting and interacting with that leader, how could one like or dislike? And, really what does it matter?

In looking back over the year, there are many decisions and actions to like. 

We again have the Mexico City Policy extending much farther than it did under President Reagan, UN Population Fund defunded, UNICEF defunded, deconstruction of Obama’s anti-life executive orders, abortion being pulled out of government and insurance coverage. President Trump favored allowing child tax credits for unborn babies, which was just defeated in the Senate. That would have been a landmark recognition of the humanity of the unborn. All the important appointees in this administration are pro-life. Obama left open a lot of judgeships. President Trump’s advisors on judiciary appointments are impeccable. According to reports, Supreme Court Justice Kagan does not like Justice Gorsuch. He must be even better than we thought!

The activity at the federal level was outstanding. Even though Congress has held up many other initiatives of the president, most pro-life efforts have moved forward successfully. Now we are even talking about what our job will be when Roe v Wade is overturned. What a year it has been! 

Yesterday as I write this, the hard work of the pro-lifers in the Worcester and Middlesex district working with the MCFL State PAC elected a pro-life state Senator from the Fitchburg Leominster area. He replaces a pro-abortion senator. 

It has been 45 years since the infamous Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions legalized abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. During that time we have had the most amazing good fortune in Massachusetts with the many people who have worked to restore protection – doctors, nurses, clergy, teachers, and so many others. Right after the decisions, the Massachusetts League of Women Voters took a pro-abortion position. Many of the leading women in the League moved right over to Mass Citizens, bringing their expertise and never missing a beat. At the Assembly for Life every five years, we honor the activists who have gone before us. As Congressman Henry Hyde observed, the babies are there to welcome them. We need your help to be sure we forget no one.

We had a baby shower last week at my church. Pat brought a pack of onesies for preemies. We thought how wonderful to have those when a mother needs them. Everyone was fascinated. Not only are these onesies tiny, but they are proportionately more narrow. Of course, that makes sense because the baby does not need fat under her skin when she is warm in the uterus so she gains it at the end of her nine months. 

Even these pro-life mothers were awed by this little peek at pre-natal development. Please read the article (upcoming on the web site in a few weeks) about the importance of knowledge about pre-natal development in our life-saving work. 

You will also find an article on the Massachusetts Medical Society decision to take a “neutral” position on doctor-prescribed suicide. I have learned since that the British Medical Association has always been strongly opposed to DPS except for one 12 month period when they were hijacked. If the BMA can get back on track, so can the MMS. We’ll be working on that as well as continuing to work to keep the bills at the State House from passing. 

When we think about the huge drop in the number of abortions in Massachusetts, we come back always to our educational efforts. Besides the Speakers’ Bureau and all our educational events, we have been working hard on the MCFL webpage and social media outreach. Each of our events this year has had more participants and more young adults than last year (the Banquet was sold out a week ahead). We feel these are the fruits of this outreach.

We have a fine young intern from the Christo Rey School, a new outreach to Evangelical Churches, and we are re-developing our Spanish outreach. This is the year of the Oratory Contest where the winning high school junior or senior will represent the state at the national level. 

Things are happening and moving in the right direction because of hard work – yours and mine. We’ll keep it up until all life is protected! 

Addendum: In the summer of 2015, David Daleiden released the earthshaking tapes documenting Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. The Trump Justice Department has just announced its investigation. Last night when the press called, what could I say, before dancing back to my Christmas decorating, except that we are delighted that this long-overdue investigation is finally taking place. 


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