The R.O.E. Act removes medical aid for babies like Melissa

CITATION: "R.O.E." (originally S.1209/H.3320 now part of H.5179) removes section 12P (chp.112) in Massachusetts General Law, which deletes current law that requires life-saving medical attention to be provided to infants born alive during late-term abortion procedures.

At 35 weeks, Melissa Ohden's college-age mother, desperate and pressured by scared parents, walked into a hospital where Melissa was aborted. Discarded by the abortion staff, Melissa was left for dead -- until one of the nurses heard a whimper. 

She was taken to the NICU, provided with life-saving medical treatment, and later adopted.

If the "R.O.E." Act is passed, lives like Melissa's will be discarded by our medical professionals. If a nurse goes against legal requirements, no life-saving medical equipment will be legally required on-site in abortion facilities.

The "ROE" Act would make taking Melissa's life legal.

If H. 5179 becomes law, babies like Melissa will be left to die as medical waste. There will be no requirement to use life-saving medical equipment to save their life.

The "R.O.E." Act included in H. 5179 makes taking a newborn’s life legal.

Call your state representative today asking him or her to sustain Governor Baker's Christmas Eve veto of the bill.

Find your state representative here

Please download this list and call at least 2 other state representatives today. 


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