The Scary Future That Charlie Gard’s Life Presages


The story of poor, little Charlie Gard has many facets, but one that should concern everyone is the expansion of a democratically elected government into a superstate that will now decide whose life is worth living. Matt McDonald writes at the New Boston Post that doctors and judges in the UK now have precedent which says they can decide that it’s in a person’s best interest to be deprived of their life.

The elderly female judge on the United Kingdom Supreme Court should have been wearing a black cap as she read her court’s decision explaining that a British statute called The Children’s Act of 1989 provided that “the child’s bests interests shall be a primary consideration” and that those interests were best decided, not by his parents, but by a “guardian” (appointed by the government), the doctors (paid by the government health service), and the trial court judge (appointed by the government).

“So parents are not entitled to insist on treatment by anyone which is not in the child’s best interests,” the hanging judge said.

We cannot feel so secure here in Massachusetts against this totalitarianism. We don’t need to have legalized doctor-prescribed suicide for doctors and judges to be able to decide who gets medical care and who doesn’t. But if it becomes legal, it will only become easier for them.

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