The Pro-Life Cause Has Come Far


By Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

The following is the President’s Address given at the MCFL Annual Banquet on October 26, 2017. Read more about the banquet HERE and watch Dr. Peter Kreeft's keynote address.

It’s so good to see you, my pro-life friends!

We are here to honor the work that you do. Since the height of abortions in the late 80’s, the number of abortions in the country as a whole has dropped by one third. During that same time, the number of abortions in Massachusetts has dropped by two thirds – down from 44,000 plus to 17,000 plus. That means, in those 30 years, 400,000 babies have not been aborted in Massachusetts!

Is this because of the media? Is it because of the legislature? This is because of pro-life people who speak to youth groups, to church groups, to civic groups. This is because of pro-life people who work at the Big E, where we had 102 volunteers last month, and other places where they can educate the public. This is because of pro-life people who write letters to the editor and help pregnant women. This is because of pro-life people who call and visit their legislators and work for pro-life candidates. This is because of pro-life people who speak to their friends and neighbors and relatives about the dignity of each human life. That is 400,000 babies saved because of what you do. Just think of the family joy they have brought and the sorrow their births have averted.

People ask “What is Mass. Citizens for Life?”. The question, of course, is “Who is Mass. Citizens for Life?” You and I each working as hard as we can with the gifts we have been given – we are Mass. Citizens for Life. Mass. Citizens is here to lead the pro-life activity toward the day when no woman and baby need to be saved at the door of an abortion facility because no women are going there. 

Our educational efforts with young people include: our speakers bureau, which speaks to 10,000 youngsters a year; Summer Academy; Student Lobby Days; Mildred F Jefferson Oratory Contest; the MCFL Convention with its student section; the Massachusetts March for Life; the Massachusetts Caucus before the DC March for Life. The number of people at every one of our events is up appreciably this past year. I know it is because we have made a huge commitment to social media and our web site in order to involve young adults. I am happy to say this commitment is bearing fruit.

The MCFL Board of Directors has planned an all-day meeting for this Saturday to look at ways we can expand our educational reach for the battles ahead.

Last year at the Banquet we were lucky to have Dana who was so sweet and non-political. I think you were carrying the same burden I was – thinking we were finishing eight dreadful years and were about to enter 8 catastrophic years.

Instead we have the Mexico City Policy extending much farther than it did under President Reagan, UN Population Fund defunded, UNICEF defunded, deconstruction of Obama’s anti-life executive orders, abortion being pulled out of government and insurance coverage. All the important appointees in this administration are pro-life. Obama left open a lot of judgeships. President Trump’s advisors on judiciary appointments are impeccable. I read yesterday that Supreme Court Justice Kagan does not like Justice Gorsuch. He must be even better than we thought! Now we are even talking about what our job will be when Roe v Wade is overturned. What a year it has been!

Pro-lifers are fighting the good and necessary fight. Because of that, people of substance, people with ideas, ability and skills are willing to help us, to speak at our events and to lend their names and testimonies. That is how we are fortunate enough to have Professor Kreeft here tonight. We are very grateful to him for coming and I know you will be delighted.

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