The Abortion Industry Plays a Key Role in Human Trafficking

By Helen Cross

First in a series

One out of every three children who run away from home in the United States will be approached by a human trafficker within 48 hours.

The victims and perpetrators of human trafficking are all around us—and the abortion industry plays a key role.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute profiled a special report by the Life Issues Institute exposing how vital abortion is to the sex trade industry. Brad Mattes, President of Life Issues Institute, recently recorded a radio special “Victims in the Shadows” on the dangers of human trafficking. 

He reports that there are currently over 27 million persons held in slavery worldwide. One out of every three kids who run away from home in the U.S. within 48 hours will be approached by a human trafficker. The average age of entry for girls is between 12-14 and 11-13 for boys.

“Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest-growing criminal industry in the world,” says Nita Belles, the Regional Director of Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans. As for the abortion industry, Belles argues that they “are profiting tremendously” by helping to secure abortions for the victims of sex trafficking.

 Charlotte Lozier Institute Senior Policy Analyst Genevieve Plaster reports that trafficking in persons “generates about $32 billion per year.”

Belles says that gangs that used to trade in drugs are finding how lucrative the sex trade can be. Unlike drugs which need to be repurchased after they are sold, a girl can be sold over and over again. “It's all about money,” Belles says. “A pimp with three girls can make over $650,000 a year.”

Marlene Carson was responsible for booking abortion appointments whenever one of the girls became pregnant. Over the years she found the abortion industry would overlook the abuse done to the girls allowing the sex trafficking to continue.

 “The pimps would get fake IDs and we'd take them to get abortions,” Carson says. “We would pay someone to go with them pretending to be their mom. Planned Parenthood never asked questions like 'Do you want to keep this child? What's going on?' Honestly, they had to know. These girls were teenagers, not adult women.”

“Every pimp has a stable of three to five girls. At least two girls would have an abortion within a short period of time. I remember a fourteen-year-old girl who needed an abortion and I couldn't do it. I had the house raided and she was rescued. I said, 'I can't do this. This young girl can't go through this.'”

Says Belles, “The abortion industry is profiting immensely on forced abortions.”

Next: Darlene Pawlik, a victim of sex trafficking, speaks to the MCFL South Shore Chapter.

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