Member Reports: "I spoke with aides and gave testimony opposing ROE"


Yes, it does.

The legislative aides to the chair and vice chair told one of our members that the calls had been pouring in. "We count them. Every one."

But what if it's difficult to get on the phone? You may be working odd hours, have children at home, or just hate the phone and feel unable to communicate that way with a state representative. 

Two members, a member from Fitchburg, a family physician, and another, wrote our community engagement director yesterday after both calling and emailing the State House.
"You can always call off hours and leave a thorough voicemail," said the first, which he had. 
Dr. Rollo reported that he had sent in his testimony as well.
"You cannot imagine the value of your testimony to these legislators. They're listening to every word."
"Don't feel like you can't do it. Do it. These are the key points I used."

1- ROE puts women at additional risk since abortions beyond 24 weeks are no longer required to be done in the hospital.
2- ROE removes the requirement for infant resuscitation equipment to be present in the event that a baby is "accidentally" born alive.  This is passive infanticide.
3- ROE eliminates Judicial bypass for minors.  So not only does there continue to be no requirement for parental consent, there is not even a judicial bypass provision in the bill.  Therefore exploitation of minors including victims of rape and incest would obviously increase since they would have no respnsible adult protecting them.  This will provide cover for sex trafficing and other forms of abuse.
"I only got great feedback from the aides! It would be great for as many people as possible to send emails to the chairs and vice chairs of the committee."
Michael Day and Claire Cronin
Phone numbers:
(Rep Day) 617) 722-2396
(Rep Cronin) (617) 722-2396
Not everyone is comfortable speaking on the phone, even after a lot of practice. Myrna Maloney Flynn's easy to use phone script can help here.

Get up and go! Our members are standing alongside each other on this most critical of campaigns. Keep calling!


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