Below is a comprehensive list of pro-life medical providers in the Commonwealth. 

PLEASE NOTE: This list is provided as a courtesy to and for the information of our members. It does not constitute Massachusetts Citizens for Life's endorsement of or referral to any practitioner whose name appears in this directory.

Specialty Physician's Name  Address Phone   Email
Anesthesiologist Charles G. Kelley 70 East St., Methuen, MA  978-687-0156 [email protected]
  Lorenzo Berra 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-726-3030 [email protected]
Cardiologist/Pediatric John Kheir  300 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA 617-355-4278 [email protected]

Marie Mullen 

300 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA  617-355-4278 [email protected]
Cardiologist Thomas Sullivan 63 High St., Danvers, MA 978-777-2583 [email protected]
Critical Care  Amy K. Dickey 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-724-0287 [email protected] 
Ear, Nose, Throat James F.X. Kenealy 123 Summer St., Worcester, MA 508-368-3103 [email protected]
Family Medicine Nancy Berube 121 Lincoln St., Worcester, MA 508-756-0514 NA
  Edna Butane 388 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 617-262-2416 [email protected]
  Gerald Corcoran
154 E. Central St.
Ste 302
Natick,MA 01760
781-444-5515 [email protected]
  John Howland 141 Main St., Southbridge, MA 508-764-9800

[email protected] 

  Kevin Lanphear 3 Cherry St., #201, Newburyport, MA 978-465-7322 [email protected]
  Mark Rollo (Retired) 225 New Lancaster Rd., Leominster, MA 978-343-2775 [email protected]
  John Worden 250 Green St., #200, Gardner, MA 978-632-6445 [email protected]
Gynecologic/Oncology Richard T. Penson 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-724-4800 Penson,[email protected]
Infectious Disease Rocio Hurtado 55 Fruit St., #148 Boston, MA 617-726-2000 [email protected]
Internal Medicine Mary Louise Asher Dorchester, MA  617-283-3200  
  John Barravecchio 26 Houston Ave., Milton, MA 617-364-4380 [email protected]
  Lisa Sibert Carr 151 Everett Ave., Chelsea, MA 617-889-8580 [email protected]
  Alex Cist 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-726-1721 [email protected]
  Richard Florentine 100 Highland St., Milton, MA 617-696-5712 [email protected]
  Gilbert Lavoie (Retired) 8 Whittier Place, Boston, M  617-948-1552 [email protected]
  Sydney B. Montesi 2 Fruit St., Boston, M  617-726-2862 [email protected]
  David Petullo 165 Mill St., Leominster, MA 978-466-2000 [email protected]
  Miguel Prieto 1 Trowbridge Rd., Suite 100, Bourne, MA 774-552-3212 [email protected]
  Lars E. Reinhold 1 Essex Center Drive, Peabody, MA 978-538-4300 [email protected]
Internal Medicine Hemotology/Oncology Daniel Lage 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-726-5130 [email protected]
 Neurologist Thomas Mullins 123 Summer St., Suite 230, Worcester, MA 508-368-3150 [email protected] 
  Sabrina Paganoni  15 Parkman St., #835, Boston, MA   617-724-3914 [email protected]
  Paul W. Keough (only Gynecology) 135 Webster St., Hanover, MA 781-878-7020  [email protected] 
Orthopedic Surgeon James Harding 130 Orchard St., Lee, M 413-499-6600  [email protected] 
Osteopath/Family Medicine  John Chan 1 General St., Lawrence, MA  978-683-4000  [email protected]  
Pallative Care Karen A. O'Brien Co-Director 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-724-6700 [email protected]
Pallative Care/Hospice Laura Petrillo 15 Parkman St., Boston, MA 617-724-5600 [email protected]
Pallative Care/Psychiatrist Keri Oxley Brenner 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-726-2000 [email protected]
Pediatric Pulmonologist Peter P. Moschovis 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 617-726-2066 [email protected]
Pediatrician John Killion 303 North Main St., Attleboro, MA 508-226-0780 [email protected]
  Kerry Pound 55 Fruit St., Boston, MA 314-888-5233 EXT 1037 [email protected]
Primary Care/Internal Medicine Ernesto DaSilva 496 Lynnfield St., Lynn, MA 781-593-3400 [email protected]
Psychiatrist David Stormberg 105 Chestnut St., Ste 14, Needham, MA 781-449-0094 [email protected]
Pulmonary Care Walter O'Donnell-Director 55 Fruit St., Boston, M 617-726-9112  [email protected]  
Radiologist Michael F. Mastromatteo 2 Sherwood Ave., Beverly, MA  617-308-1815  [email protected] 
Radiologist/Oncology Tracy A. Balboni  44 Binney St., Boston, MA  617-632-3000  [email protected] 
Rehabilitation Specialist/Physical Medicine  Francis Bohdiewicz  150 Flanders Rd., Westborough, MA 508-870-2222 fxjbohdiewicsmd.yahoo.com  
Rheumatologist  Alan Ramey 136 High St., #3, Lancaster, MA  978-365-7418 [email protected] 
Sports Medicine  Navid Mahooti  104 Endicott St., #104, Danvers, MA 978-882-6700  [email protected] 
Therapist Darlene M Corbett Holden, MA 781-929-0876 [email protected]
Urologist Paul Church  200 Providence Highway, Dedham, MA  617-315-4677 [email protected]
  Stanley Swierzewski 10 Hospital Dr., Suite 204, Holyoke, MA 413-533-3912 [email protected]