Student Lobby Days


For Educators. For Young People. For Citizens.

Do you want your school group to get a real sense of how the Massachusetts State Government works, learn about the history of the commonwealth, and influence politicians in favor of pro-life change?  Student Lobby Days are an educational program provided by MCFL for groups of 10-30 high-school aged pro-lifers. This is a great chance to learn about civics and make a difference. 

During a Student Lobby Day, young people will

  • Take an educational tour of the historic Massachusetts State House lead by Anne Fox, MCFL President and former Doric Dame (volunteer state house tour guide).
  • Get an update on our legislative agenda and an overview of how the process works.
  • Have an opportunity to lobby their local legislators on Pro-life issues.
  • Enjoy a lunch provided by MCFL.

To talk to someone about scheduling one of this years’ Student Lobby Days, which typically run 10AM-2AM on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, between February and May, fill out a contact form and we'll be in touch.

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