ACTION ALERT: 25+ Challenge - Stop S.1209, Call the Committee!

C.J. Williams, Director of Community Engagement


If you know what district you're in, you may be the difference in stopping S.1209, the infanticide bill.  

Are these your representatives?


They need to hear from you. Each one sits on the Joint Committee of Public Health. Before S.1209 can advance to a vote in the legislature, it needs to clear the committee. Even pro-abortion politicians like our governor, Baker, call S.1209 a law legalizing infanticide, and bad law for our women, infants, & children

Call your representative,

and ask them if they know what this proposed bill will do. Tell them to send it back to the drawing board. 

We don't need to get the vote in our widely pro-abortion house and senate if we simply send S.1209 back for a rewrite.

Keep it simple. Keep it clear. S.1209, An Act to Remove Obstacles & Expand Access to Abortion in MA is bad law. 

Read the fact sheet before you call here & sign the petition.

You will be the difference in stopping a law that guarantees doctors can kill an infant after a botched abortion if they're born alive. Your voice can stop a law that removes the requirement women be treated in a hospital during late-term abortions. 

Email me if  you have any questions. Email when you call. Let's get 25+ calls per district! Be one of the heroes who tips the scales for life in MA! We're counting the calls, and counting on you!

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