Update on Petition to End Taxpayer Funded Abortion Drive

Your update on the critical drive to stop taxpayer funding of abortion in Massachusetts. For more in-depth reporting, see the previous year's write up by our past communications team at this link.

The signature drive has taken Massachusetts by storm. If you haven't seen a signature gatherer in your community, how about becoming that signature collector? 

  •    Massachusetts taxpayers spend $1.7 million each year on abortions and over $200 million since 1981

But we don't have to fund abortion in our state.


We now have just 2 weeks to finish collecting signatures and reach the goal number. Sign up here to volunteer.

The campaign is still asking  citizens who have volunteered to set a goal of collecting 75 signatures a week. Along with collecting signatures during the weekend, we're also asking that you dedicate 3+ hours this and next week to gathering those "John Hancocks" at your local YMCA, supermarket, or church.

 Have you already been beating the bushes to get this life-saving provision on the ballot? You can find instructions for turning signatures in to city and town halls, by clicking HERE. If you have already turned in your signatures to the Town or City Clerk, and they are ready to pick up, the instructions for picking up certified signature are HERE. 

            The campaign is also looking for drivers in preparation for taking completed signature sheets to and from Town Clerks.  Please contact the Field Director for your area if you can volunteer.

Current list of field directors:

  Joshua Tavares (Bristol and Barnstable Counties): 

 [email protected]  508-212-1778

Robert Aufiero (Essex, part of Middlesex, Suffolk Counties):
[email protected] 781-307-1494

Steve Fruzzetti (Part of Boston, Norfolk, Plymouth Counties):
[email protected] 508-386-3647

Kathy Lynch (Middlesex, Worcester Counties, Western MA):
[email protected] 978-337-4450


Interested in organizing long-term and for  continued action after the drive? Sign up today to receive information on your nearest MCFL chapter, and join the movement to protect human lives at every stage in Massachusetts.




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  • Myrna Feldman
    commented 2019-11-14 08:14:11 -0500
    Abortion is a an atrocity. Thank you for helping them.
  • C.J. Williams
    published this page in In The News 2019-11-04 10:04:02 -0500