State Senate Legislator Rankings

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Hampshire Gazette - (L-R) Senators Nick Collins, Rebecca Rausch, and Diana DiZoglio

Legislator Ratings Are for Informational Purposes Only

Legislative District Name, Party Affiliation Stance on Abortion Stance on Doctor-Prescribed Suicide
Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden Adam Hinds (D)  Anti-Life Anti-Life
Bristol and Norfolk Paul Feeney (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life 
1st Bristol and Plymouth  Michael Rodrigues (D)   Anti-Life ?
2nd Bristol and Plymouth  Mark Montigny Anti-Life  
Cape and Islands Julian Cyr (D) Anti-Life  Anti-Life
1st Essex  Diana DiZoglio (D)  Anti-Life   
2nd Essex  Joan Lovely (D)  Anti-Life  Anti-Life
3rd Essex  Brendan Crighton (D)  Anti-Life   Anti-Life
1st Essex and Middlesex  Bruce Tarr (R)  Anti-Life ?
2nd Essex and Middlesex  Barry Finegold (D)  Anti-Life   
Hampden  James T. Welch (D)  Anti-Life  Anti-Life
1st Hampden and Hampshire Eric Lesser (D) Anti-Life  
2nd Hampden and Hampshire John Velis Anti-Life Anti-Life
Hampshire, Franklin, and Worcester Joanne Comerford (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
1st Middlesex Ed Kennedy (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
2nd Middlesex Patricia D. Jehlen (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
3rd Middlesex Michael J. Barrett (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
4th Middlesex Cindy Friedman (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
5th Middlesex Jason Lewis (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
1st Middlesex and Norfolk Cynthia Stone Creem (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
2nd Middlesex and Norfolk Karen Spilka (D Anti-Life  
Middlesex and Suffolk Sal DiDomenico (D) Anti-Life  
Middlesex and Worcester James B. Eldridge (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex Rebecca Rausch (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
Norfolk, Bristol, and Plymouth Walter Timilty (D) Mixed*(did not sponsor "ROE") ?
Norfolk and Plymouth John Keenan (D) Anti-Life  
Norfolk and Suffolk Mike Rush (D) Pro-Life Pro-Life
Plymouth and Barnstable Susan Moran (R) Anti-Life ?
1st Plymouth and Bristol Marc Pacheco (D) Anti-Life Pro-Life
2nd Plymouth and Bristol Michael Brady (D) Anti-Life ?
Plymouth and Norfolk Patrick O'Connor (R) Pro-Life Pro-Life
1st Suffolk Nick Collins (D) Pro-Life  
2nd Suffolk Sonia Chang-Diaz (D) Anti-Life  
1st Suffolk and Middlesex Joseph Boncore Anti-Life Anti-Life
2nd Suffolk and Middlesex William Brownsberger Anti-Life Anti-Life
1st Worcester Harriett Chandler (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
2nd Worcester Michael Moore (D) Anti-Life  
Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, and Middlesex Anne Gobi (D) Anti-Life Anti-Life
Worcester and Middlesex Dean Tran (R) Pro-Life Pro-Life
Worcester and Norfolk Ryan Fattman (R) Pro-Life Pro-Life

Do you know something we don't? Send us any documentation or insight on legislator positions to [email protected] and we'll update the list. Don't see a position next to your state representative? Call the State House at 617-722-2000 and ask for the person who represents your area. Let us know what you find out!