Op-Ed in Boston Herald on Protect Life Policy

Star Parker writes in the Boston Herald this week, spelling out exactly why our the president's support for The Department of Health and Human Services Protect Life Rule is so important.

This policy has cut off Title X federal funds from going towards abortion facilities and services, or clinics which make abortion referrals. It will also  require that clinics taking Title X funds be “physically and financially” independent from any entity providing abortions.

Star writes:

"This puts a stop to organizations like Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, from claiming that, although they perform abortions, Title X funds they receive are used for other purposes."

The Protect Life Policy will undoubtably set a solid precedent for prudent and life-affirming use of public funds distributed from our federal government.

To read Star's full analysis of the policy, and our relation to it, hop over to the Herald right here.

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