The ROE Act endangers women by removing hospital care

CITATION: Changes to be made to Massachusetts General Law chapter 112, §12R, and 12M, putting women undergoing grueling 2-3 days abortions in underqualified and unregulated outpatient clinics. (Late term abortions are currently permitted in New Mexico under a law that mirrors the "ROE" Act's removal of basic standards of medical care in Massachusetts.)


Carmen Landau video embed

In New Mexico, the laws already endanger women like Keisha. Late-term abortions there are allowed in unregulated "clinics."

While "ROE" Act proponents say that they need to pass "ROE" to protect women, removing the section in 12M of our general laws, which requires late-term abortion procedures be done in a hospital setting, means women will die. Even pro-choice citizens find this change to current law shocking.

Above, New Mexico abortionist states under oath that her patients are advised not to call the emergency room.

The "ROE" Act would remove basic standards of life-saving care for women like Keisha Atkins.

Call the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Judiciary Committee today.

Ask them to shelve the "ROE" Act, and protect Hope.

Chair Claire Cronin

(617) 722-2396

[email protected]

Vice Chair Michael Day

(617) 722-2396

[email protected]


For more information on the "ROE" Act, and a call script, click here.

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