ROE Act Shoved Into Budget After Being Stalled in Committee

After being stalled in committee for over a year by its poor wording, and the general opposition from thousands of Massachusetts Citizens, both pro-life and pro-choice, the contentious "R.O.E." is being side-armed into the annual budget bill by radical pro-abortion lobbyists.

Speaker DeLeo, who previously called on Massachusetts statesmen to ditch special interest agendas when approaching the budget, has come alongside pro-abortion politicians to support Rep. Claire Cronin's amendment.

"This amendment simply re-packages ROE Act provisions and tags them onto the budget," said an MCFL staff member, "If you meet opposition like thousands of citizens flooding the State House to oppose a bill during its public hearing, and then hundreds of calls each week thereafter, you know you don't have the support. But if you just call it 'budget for reproductive healthcare,' you can betray your constituents and push it through."

The new language changes little, if anything, in the original "R.O.E." Act.  Current language in the bill is murky on whether a doctor who performs an abortion would still be required to save the life of a baby who survives it, as state law currently provides, reports  The New Boston Post

A vote in the House is expected this week. The deadline for opposition is likely to be Thursday, November 12.


Call Speaker Bob DeLeo's Office: (617) 722-2500

Call Representative Claire Cronin's Office: (617) 722-2396

Look up your state representative here and call them telling them you expect them to reject the amendment on "reproductive health" and "R.O.E." provisions.

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